We are often asked for our thoughts regarding Utility Token Economics — specifically, how we envision designing an ecosystem of crypto-consumer apps that both appeals to mainstream users and supports sustainable token-economic dynamics. The topic warrants a deep discussion. Here is a blog-sized start:

How to value a utility token

First, we need to understand the factors that contribute to the utility value of a token. …

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Last week, following the announcement of the Props Project, our colleague Yonatan Sela wrote of the need for a decentralized digital media ecosystem that uses cryptoeconomics as a novel way to align the incentives of creators, curators, and developers in the network. The first step in building this ecosystem will be the introduction of our new live video platform, Rize.

Rize is well positioned to achieve its three key goals: spur ecosystem growth, drive mainstream adoption of Props, and demonstrate a new sustainable business model built on Props.

Crypto-tokens are a natural fit to supercharge existing live streaming economies

YouNow was the first mobile app to introduce the two-sided, in-app purchase marketplace model for live streaming in the US. It has since also been adopted by other large platforms such as Periscope and YouTube Live. In this model, fans and audience members on the platform are able to purchase virtual (non-crypto) gameplay currency with fiat currency, which they can then spend on digital gifts to support their favorite content creators. …

Ben Perper

Director of Product @YouNow

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