Election Diary: 6th June

Election 2016: Day 1,348. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has made a bold bid to capture the influential father-having demographic, with a new campaign ad asserting that, although some may see him as out of touch, he actually had a dad.

In the ad, which some pundits are describing as “short”, Turnbull claims that he “didn’t feel I missed out on anything because I had lots of love”, possibly laying the groundwork for a new Coalition policy of giving voters lots of love to convince them they’re not missing out on anything. Mr Turnbull says his father sacrificed much to send his son to Sydney Grammar School, something that most parents are too greedy and selfish to do for their children.

The government hopes that the ad will put paid once and for all to the rumours that the prime minister had no parents and grew from spores in an ancient forest.

Elsewhere on the campaign trail, Labor’s Anthony Albanese, currently in the fight of his life for the seat of Grayndler, ran into himself from the future, expressing admiration at how fit he’d become.

Meanwhile, a poll by the Australia Institute has revealed that a third of voters want the Senate to have more or the same number of crossbenchers, in a result that will shock anyone who can figure out whether this implies any particular conclusion.

But perhaps the biggest story of the day was the release by Treasurer Scott Morrison of the government’s mid-campaign report, which revealed that the Coalition had, to this point of the campaign, been much better than Labor at everything.

Whether the ALP can rebound from this crippling blow, only time will tell.

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