Books wot I have read

There are many of these lists, and this is another one to add to those lists of list. For my tastes I found these books on point and very helpful as a product person. I don’t enjoy a book if there is too much in the way of prose or self help. I found a lot of interesting, relatable, and implementable advice that I could use in my work.

You do have to be a bit of a poly math as a product person, and understand how certain things around you work. I found skilling up on Marketing was a really important area. It’s likely here where you will have to ask questions of your marketing team on how and why we are running campaigns in a certain way. A bit of knowledge can go a long way (and that doesn’t mean having a lot of followers on a social feed).

Zero to One

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A nice book to get you formalising a start-up idea.

The one Thing

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Any career changers, this is absolutely essential reading to cut out waste.

Lean — everything (as applicable)

The Lean Start-up

  • It is just one that needs reading

Lean Analytics

  • By Far the most dense and useful for a Product Person. It’s a tough read though.

Running Lean

  • Ash Maurya’s book laying everything out for you getting up and running

Lean Customer Development

  • A shorter, but still useful book

Lean UX

  • This will help you to get an understanding for your colleagues’ work

Growth Hacker Marketing

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It’s a primer, and will only take you a day to ready (maybe two). You should have a grasp on modern acquisition techniques, and what can work best for your products

Hooked, how to build habit forming products

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Learn what really makes a product sticky, and how you can work these into your products early.

Agile product management w/ Scrum — Roman Pichler

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Essential reading. If you only read one book, make it this one. Roman sets the standards on being a PM, and you will find a well worn copy in almost every PM’s desk.

Strategize — Pichler

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Roman strikes again, using an agile process to write a book! And when it comes to forming your strategy for your product, you will learn a lot from this book

Bonus link

Roman has a great blog. Subscribe to his linkedIn for updates

Don’t make me think

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Another super short primer to get you up and running. For your LEMERS stuff, you’ll hit the memorable part here.

the design of everyday things

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Just another book to help you think creatively about your products, and learn about appraising your competitors / inspiration

The hard thing about hard things

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Being a Product Person is not an easy job. If you would like a very honest window into what happens when things go wrong, products are failing, and how to survive you should read this book. If after reading this book, you still want to be a product person, you’re almost ready to be a product person.

Design Sprint Google Ventures

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Great framework to use in your discovery phases. This is less a learning book and more a manual. There are many examples of success stories for product that have gone through GV, but this is more about how you should use Design Sprint to help you.

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