A Weekend with the Rodrigues

Ben Rodrigue
Mr. Rivkin
English 1310

Family is perhaps the greatest gift any person can receive. It’s like having friends that HAVE to tolerate you because you share flesh and blood and if they don’t like you it’s like they don’t like themselves. Of course, some families are much closer than others. My family is exceeding close. Not because some horrible tragedy drove us together and made us realize the greatest treasure of all is the love we have for each other. No, my family is close because we all love card and board games. And due to this, when I told them I would be taking various photos of them over the weekend, perhaps even some more unflattering moments, they opposed violently rather than giving me a flat out no like most people. I was able to sway my parents with the ‘ol “it’s for a grade” card, and my older brother was told he had to stay at his apartment if he didn’t want his photo taken so that won him over and my poor little brother was left with no choice but to accept. With my family begrudgingly accepting their new roles as subjects of my photographic inspiration, the next thing I needed to do was travel home which I planned to do over the next weekend.

Now, some people might be wondering what the point of photographing an average middle-class white family from the 21st century is. Well, I’m glad they thought it because the answer is quite simple. Documentation, my dear reader. Have you ever looked at a fallen ancient civilization and wish you knew what the families were doing with their time to have it fall like that? Even if you answered no, you might still be sympathetic to the historian’s plight as they try and try again to piece together just how Babylonians were spending their days off. I’m simply here trying to make their job ten times easier by documenting and captioning all of the photos. Of course if English is lost by this time, it may end up being useless. But I like to think I may still lend a hand in helping future historians find out what we did in our spare time so they know not to make the same mistakes and their own civilization can continue on to a new golden age far in the future. And if none of that happens, then my family is still pretty zany to look at.

Ah, home at last. This is when my weekend started so this was obviously the perfect place to start my essay. By panning slightly up I was able to capture the sun’s ray beams creating a moment of serenity.
For awhile I was home alone with four dogs and my cat. So, it was a relief when my mother came home from work, I could finally stop pretending the animals could understand me. I tried to take a still shot here but the dogs moved too quickly to make that possible.
My dad snuck by me when he first came in from work and changed out of his work clothes into his casual clothes before I could get a shot. To compensate, I made him pose with his laptop to symbolize how he never stops working.
Once everyone gets home and can’t decide on what to eat for dinner we all change clothes and pile into my dad’s car to go out to eat. I didn’t get any pictures of the dinner because it’s rude to have your phone out at the dinner table… and my mom was afraid I was going to use a photo of her eating which made her self-conscious. I don’t think I was even supposed to have this picture which is why it’s taken at a weird angle and my mom is talking.
It’s Saturday and my dad is up early making cinnamon rolls because he loves his children and he wants us (my older brother and I) to keep visiting. Our younger brother is still trapped for two and a half years. I took this picture with consent which is why it’s so crystal clear.
After breakfast it’s time for a friendly family game of spades. It brings us so much closer, instead of arguing every hand like we used to we only argue every other hand or so. Speaking of, my dad has a good one. I’d bid four. I didn’t tell them I was taking this photo but my mother and younger brother figured it out so they took different approaches to appearing. She hid half her face and he was about to stick his tongue out. I’m kind of sad I took the photo before he did.
After a long day of doing stuff I didn’t get photos of (mostly because it involved just other games) these two men have changed clothes and get to work on preparing dinner and taking out the garbage. My dad continues to ignore the camera while my older brother decides to show off his physique. (He’s single, ladies!)
It’s Sunday now and my dad wakes me up for 7:30 mass. The rest of the family will go at 5:30 but I go early because my dad wants to make sure I go. Yay me. The photo got slightly blurry because he said to hurry up as I clicked the button.
To show his undying love to my mother, my dad will stop at the Starbucks every Sunday to get her a white grande… something something… no foam… I think… and a chocolate croissant. He’s there so often he doesn’t even have to order, the man behind the counter is named Bo and he just starts preparing it when he sees my dad, who stoically ignores the camera once more.
I guess Sunday is rest day as I was able to get a photo of all of these guys/gals sleeping at least once. I was able to get shockingly close to the dogs and my dad without waking them up but for my mom, I took the picture from the balcony of the living room and for my cat I took it from outside my room. Whenever I cross the threshold she wakes up and I wasn’t chancing up because once she’s up she demands food and won’t go back to sleep.
Man the weekend sure does fly by in a blur. To emphasize that I took a blurry photo of the calendar. I’m so deep. Anyway, it’s late and time for me to hit the road.
And back on the road to school/the apartment. This picture is really blurry because I was just trying to get a snapshot of the road of any quality before the light turned green. I didn’t succeed but managed to snag a picture a second after passing the stoplight before throwing it down.
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