Dear Mr Bezos, Do What You Do Best, Build A Platform For All The Projects Tweeted At You.

I will keep it brief.

Your money (well some of it) should go toward enabling and unlocking the most amount of good for the most amount of people.

You should build a collaboration platform for anyone in the the world to do altruistic projects together.

Allow me to expand.

By empowering everyone in the world with the tools to group together with anyone else on any project of value you unlock the power of open source for any kind of altruistic project. Having a central platform for these kinds of projects prevents the need for individual projects to find and choose their own tools. It also provides a central space where altruistically motivated individuals can find one another and team up on projects.

This platform would in essence be combining features from crowdfunding platforms, community platform and or chat platforms , and project management software.

Allow me to flesh out how it might work

Any user can start a project and invite anyone to join. The project joins a global database of projects (much like a crowdfunding platform) that can be discovered by anyone in the world.

A project contains the following key features

-Project management like interface to view and add tasks and outcome goals as well as a project dashboard for project KPI’s

-Chat interface for project team members to talk to one another

-Group discussion and voting feature

-Cloud file system for digital file sharing of relevant project material.

From there more features can be developed and made available via an add on marketplace.

All these tools are common and marketed as enterprise software to the business community.

However by wrapping these tools into a platform into an easy and beautiful platform who’s goal it is to encourage and empower collaborative, altruistic projects you enable the non profit sector to be open sourced. In contrast to traditionally relying on philanthropic institutions, resources and labor can be crowd-sourced.

Such a platform enables an infinite number of projects can be started and communities of concern and interest can galvanize around projects of interest on demand.

An obvious use case to illustrate:

Disaster Relief:

Someone starts a project aimed at organizing and coordinating interested volunteers. An effective impromptu organization is formed and can begin working on the set goals. As awareness of the project spreads and more users join more disaster relief is enabled.

Such a platform would enable the coordination and collaboration of work to be done so that the most amount of good work can get done.

Such a platform has the potential for unlocking human potential in a way that supersedes many of the classic boundaries that classical org structures inherently contain

We have already seen the power of open source when it comes to software development, why not create a platform that enables it to happen in any other area of human endeavor?

If you are reading this and you are not Mr Bezos can you use the awesome power of the the internet to share this with your network so he might find it?