The Storytellers Shall Inherit The Earth

Make-believe is an essential part of community and culture. Suspension of disbelief is crucial to any act of connection. Our modern age has taught us that facts are out there, objective, independent, cool and separate from us. But some facts are dependent on us saying and choosing to make it so.

“I am your friend” , “I don’t like that”, “ This is important to me” and the like. The relationships we make with the world around us are our own doing. It is a magical power of sorts to forge reality, to choose our relationship with and orientation to the reality that is so independent of our selves. We can rearrange facts and create new ones. This relationship that we have with reality, with other, it shapes and forms our world. Our world a world of objective facts and our relationship toward it is our story. We are agents of our story but we are not the sole agents. Other stories interact with, bump into and sometimes merge with ours. We exist in an ever changing web of stories. Some stories affect us directly, others indirectly but all of them are connected in some way to one another.

When we want to evolve forward consciously we must first recognize the story that we must abandon. Then we must choose a new story to latch onto. Often in our attempts to effect change we can easily demonstrate and explain what is wrong with the old story. We gather followers who all agree that the old story is broken. But finding a new story remains hard. It remains hard because we fail to recognize that the the new story must be made up. We naturally yearn for those cool hard facts. Those guaranteed solutions, those rules or policies that will swoop in and save us. but it is not those facts that we need it the forged fact. The fact of a story that we will begin to tell one another. It will be a story that we choose and create and buy into. It will be a conscious act of suspension of disbelief. In the act of choosing a new story we create new facts. We create new stories by writing them, not by revolting against the old ones.

A tribe is a group bound together by sharing stories. Sharing their beliefs and relationship with their reality creates the binding that connects one to every other. To evolve as a tribe a new story must be introduced. It is not enough to complain about the old story. When the new story solves the problems that the old story could not it will swallow the old story.

We cannot be scared to write new stories. we cannot hide behind the easy choice to be merely angry or indignant of the old stories. We must find the courage to write and spread new stories. Stories are not content in its abstract, removed, P.C. form. It is personal, subjective, critical, it is saying yes to a direction and being willing to pay the opportunity cost of that choice. In our modern age a lot of our stories are broken. It is the courageous storytellers that will guide us to a new land. But let us hope the storytellers will have the courage to tell us new stories and not the ones they think we want to hear.