History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

Chicken little, the sky is falling………………

You want something that’s really more probable. The Saudis continue to do poorly across the board. ISIS falls apart. Iran, the Shias are on the move. Elements in Pakistan sense things are coming apart. Pakistan simultaneously launches Nukes on Iran (Teheran and other cities), Israel, Istanbul, Damascus, Bagdad and Cairo. Israel is ashes. Millions are dead. the bomb were dirty, the fallout moving east will do much more damage, and Pakistan still has more nukes. What happens? What does India do? What does KSA/GCC do? What do the Russians do? What happens between the remaining Sunni and Shia all over the world? What do we do? I don’t know but there will be cries for blood, buckets of it. The Jews in America will be in an uproar.

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