Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain

I have an affection for anything Japan that all started with anime. I wish to travel there in the future that’s why I always entertain myself with travel documentaries about it. One random weekend, I stumbled upon James May: Our Man in Japan in Amazon Prime Video. I know James May as one of the trio in Top Gear/The Grand Tour and I particularly like his sense of humour on those shows. So I hit play. I was hooked.

Already, I’m on episode 4 (“Hey Bim!”) and was watching with my kids. James May rode his fancy motorcycle to meet…

As a tech professional, I am easily spending around 80% of my awake time in front of a screen. And over the years I have come to a set of apps that I use consistently to make my life easier. Here are they:

Google Sheets because numbers dictate how I live my life and so I use Sheets for everything number and non-number related — budgets, charts, tables, lists.

The all powerful Google Search, which sometimes I also rely to search Reddit and other sites that have unreliable relevance search.

Google Calendar which syncs to my Apple calendar for all…

Ben Sarmiento

Engineering Manager @ foodpanda; Based in SG

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