Ongoing 太平洋桥梁 Culture Notes

All made in an ongoing Group Chat meant to share understanding of TV, Books, and Movies across the Pacific Ocean.

Susie Recommended Two Books.

Hail Ceasar: A single day in a made-up hollywood studio in 1953.

The Studio is called “Capital Pictures” and it is run by an obscure presence in NYC. Overseeing operations is a man who is being lured away to work in the American Defense Industy — at Boeing Lockheed.

The movie refers, somewhat obscurely, to the relation between the triumph of capital over labor in the 1940s, the the cruxifiction of the christ, the power of the catholic church, marxism, and male homosexuality in the navy.

Frisky Dingo aired for two seasons on adult swim 2007, 2008

Recommended by Alex. Partially Killface, a supevillain who is building a device to steer the Earth into the Sun. This is his teenage sun, whose mutters the audience can’t hear. Adam Reed voices Killface and idiotic hero, also voices archer.

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