For the past month we’ve been testing Windows based labs and are now happy to announce that they are officially available. Trainers accessing their management panel will see Windows labs next to the Linux-based ones. The new feature will allow trainers to build hands-on training experiences for any Windows based software.

Continuing Strigo’s all-in-one approach, students entering the classroom will receive direct access to their Windows lab from within the classroom environment.

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Strigo’s classroom with integrated hands-on Windows labs

We’ve also made sure that transferring files in and out of the lab is possible. It’s super easy to do, and accessible directly from the lab’s interface.

Instant collaboration

One of Strigo’s key functions is also available while using the new Windows labs. Instructors can instantly go into hands-on, collaborative 1 on 1 sessions with their trainees, all inside the classroom and without using additional tools. …

Ben Shoval

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