90 Days in EOS: By the Numbers

Ben Sigman
Feb 15 · 6 min read

EOS Metrics

Quick Flashback


90 Days of EOS

EOS DUAA (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

1/3 of the Accounts Active in 90 Days Are Daily Users

Unique Active Accounts (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)
Unique Active Accounts in the past 30 days (Jan 15— Feb 14, 2019)
Unique Active Accounts in the past 24 hours (Feb 13 — Feb 14, 2019)
Top dApp Accounts by Transactions (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

Count EOS Active Smart Contracts

Unique EOS Smart Contracts (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

Tokens on EOS

Unique EOS Tokens (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

What was happening in the last week of 2018?

This is measured by the count of unique “from” accounts in transactions with tokens. (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)
https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/eos/ (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

Voting Stats

Accounts Voting Per Day (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)


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