EOS Accounts are The User-Friendliest Accounts on Any Blockchain (but still not friendly enough)

Ben Sigman
Oct 30 · 3 min read

I derived this from doing a comparison of and addresses on the top blockchains.

To send cryptocurrency on a blockchain to someone, you need to have the address of their account on that particular blockchain.

Most blockchains use long and complicated hashes for the addresses of the wallet. This is true for BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH (fork of BTC), TETHER (runs on BTC), LTC (fork of BTC), BNB (runs on ETH), TRX, ADA, XMR, XLM. Long hashes are very hard to humans to read, write, speak, remember and verify.

EOS, however, uses 12 letter names which is much simpler for the end-user to read, write, speak, remember and verify.

I was wondering — is EOS the only blockchain that uses human-readable wallet addresses?

The answer is YES. Out of all of the top blockchains (that I could find block explorers for) — EOS is the only one that uses human readable addresses.


As you can see on the bottom of this screenshot, this is a transaction FROM “unicornmagic” TO “benmakesense” with the memo “Thanks for video chat verifying yourself⚡”

Below are some screenshots of transactions on the top blockchains.

You can easily see how complicated many of these addresses are compared to EOS.




Bitcoin Cash (BCH)




Cardano (ADA)



This quick study shows that out of all of the top blockchains, EOS has the simplest account naming schema. IMHO, it’s still not simple enough for the masses— but it’s the closest we have to where we need to go.

Ben Sigman

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🎯 tech problem-solver at large, ⛏️ blockchain analyst and tool builder, 🏅 damn good at board games

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