EOS Block Producer Guide — Updated Oct. 16, 2018

Ben Sigman
Jun 1, 2018 · 4 min read

Security First

Practice Running your Node

Block Producer Node Configuration

Explanation of EOS Permissions

EOS Block Producer Registration Commands

Create EOS wallet

cleos wallet create -n walletname

Unlock EOS Wallet

cleos wallet unlock

Load Generated EOS Account Private Key Into Your Wallet

cleos wallet import <privkey>

Create New Account From Your Generated Account

cleos system newaccount — stake-net "4.0000 EOS" — stake-cpu "4.0000 EOS" — buy-ram-kbytes 8 accountname newaccountname <owner-publickey> <active-publickey>
cleos wallet import -n walletname <privkey>

Create a bp.json For Your Block Producer

Example of EOS Block Producer bp_info.json


cleos -u https://proxy.eosnode.tools system regproducer accountname <producer-publickey> “https://<domain.com>/” -p accountname

Finally, Verify You Are A Registered Producer

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🎯 tech problem-solver at large, ⛏️ blockchain analyst and tool builder, 🏅 damn good at board games

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