EOS London Hackathon

Ben Sigman
Sep 23, 2018 · 3 min read

I am sitting in the audience of the EOS Hackathon in London, and I got excited about sharing a live update from here so that everyone can learn more about the projects being built.

It’s a very exciting and fun atmosphere here in the Science Museum. Teams have been building their projects on tables intertwined between great historical feats of engineering from airplane engines to spacecraft. It’s a fantastic place to be building the future feats of engineering!

ByteMaster and Block.One CTO Dan Larimer was also here mentoring!

Largest EOS Hackathon Yet

Over the past 26 hours, a total of 470 participants came to London and made 90 projects from 44 countries. There were also 70 mentors — including many techs from Block Producers.

EOSIO London Hackathon Challenge: “Create an application on the EOSIO platform that improves the relationship between technology and a user’s privacy or security.

Projects Topics

Identity, data security, marketplaces, individual privacy, encryption, social networks, wallet recovery, medical records, event management, biometrics.


Teams are competing for prizes and also paid travel to the global EOS hackathon’s final round — location TBA.

  • 1st place — $100k
  • 2nd place — $25k
  • 3rd place — $10k
  • 3x Superlatives for best social media post, best UX, greatest social impact.

Finalist Videos

Here is a stream of the pitches by the top 10 finalists from the 90 teams that competed in the hackathon.

EOS.VC Funding

In addition to the prizes given by Block.One, EOS VC announced that they will also be giving 5 x $50k seed investments to teams that took part in the hackathon.

The Winners

  • Best Social Media — my good friends, The Cybercode Twins!! They actual twin sisters from Los Angeles who have worked on a few projects with me.
  • Greatest UX — Chestnut — providing account and contract whitelisting for EOS account transactions
  • Greatest Social Impact — Geneos — marketplace for genomic data based on EOS
  • 3rd Place — OnTheBlock — identity passport for EOS containing PII data where the user can control who has access
  • 2nd Place — Chestnut — providing account and contract whitelisting for EOS account transactions
  • 1st Place — EOS Shield — reputation and identity verification for EOS contracts and EOS accounts

EOS Shield allows both accounts and contracts on EOS to choose who they interact with by building a whitelist. This project has the potential to disrupt identity verification online using the EOS Blockchain.

Public key infrastructure (PKI) that is currently used for digital identity is an ancient system that is super-centralized and broken. Identification of applications and websites via SSL certificates is an example of this. This is one of the most critical parts of internet and communication infrastructure that can be improved by on-chain tracking and verification.

The closing ceremony was kicked off with an actual EOS commercial! The tag line: “Build on Change. Build on EOS.”

As usual, hit me up with any questions or if you want to chat about EOS on Twitter.

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