How to Become an EOS Block Producer

People message me all the time asking me how they can become an EOS Block Producer. Is it too late?

As a paid Block Producer, you can earn between 100 t 800 EOS per day depending on how many votes you can get!

It’s never too late to become a Block Producer Candidate.

I believe that having more Block Producers is healthier and better for the EOS ecosystem. Especially Block Producers that are committed to transparency, and being in a state of giving continuous contribution.

Here is a simple guide to get you up and running as a Block Producer on EOS.

Preparation for Becoming a Block Producer Candidate

You will need a few things to get started:

  • A Mission — what are you going to provide to the world as a Block Producer? How will you spend your EOS? Why should people vote for you?
  • Unique EOS producer account — This should not resemble the name of any current EOS BP Candidates. You can view all of the current BPs and BPCs here: https://bloks.io/
  • A few servers running nodeos — virtual machines or even a desktop with a lot of RAM would be ok to start off. Some Block Producers are running on desktop hardware (i7 or i9 chips). You just need to provide the RAM that is required by EOS Mainnet and it increases at 1kb/block currently. It is ~80GB at the time of writing this.
  • Website — your website should have a bp.json at it’s root, and links to an ownership disclosure, and a code of conduct). For a great example check out the shEOS website and shEOS bp.json.
  • A logo in several formats notated in your bp.json.

How to Get a Unique EOS Account

Create a unique EOS Account that will be the name of your Block Producer. EOS Accounts are 12 characters long. For instance, at shEOS we use sheos21sheos so don’t use that one or one that looks like it or we will likely get your votes!

If you don’t have EOS, then get some! The easiest way to create an EOS account without any EOS is to use EOSLynx. Once you have an account created, you can receive EOS.

If you have EOS and it lives on an exchange, then you can use either of these sites to create an account.

How to Setup Your EOS Producer Node

Check out my Block Producer Guide. There are lots of good links and commands in there from a few months ago. There some other guides I found very easily — for instance: how to setup an EOS producer node or how to use Docker to setup an EOS API node.

You should your practice running your nodes. Setup your producer, seed, and API nodes on the Jungle testnet and practice running and connecting your nodes before going to the mainnet.

Join the Mainnet

Run regproducer and get some votes! The commands for this are detailed in my Block Producer Guide.

Run a campaign. Find teammates around the world. Have fun!

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