Letter to EOS Block Producer Candidates

Ben Sigman
Jun 4, 2018 · 3 min read

This is an open letter to Block Producer Candidates and the EOS community.

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First of all, Timothy and I want to acknowledge all of the people who have volunteered their time, effort, and resources to building what will become the EOS network. The entire EOS community owes you their gratitude for contributing to this momentous launch.

Now, EOS Dawn is upon us. Over the past few weeks, there are various competing proposals for the EOS Mainnet that have not been able to reach a consensus on structure. Regardless, almost all of the Block Producer Candidates are committed to creating a single EOS mainnet.

We want to do what is best for EOS and best for the world. It is our strong opinion, shared by every BP candidate of our acquaintance, that the mainnet should not be launched and declared without proper validation and testing. Furthermore, we believe validation and testing should be done on more than one network in case of any issues to prevent delay in the launch of EOS Dawn. Currently, I am aware of two validation networks.

The two validation networks that we are aware of are from EOS Core (formerly Ghostbusters) which focuses on security, and EOS Bios Boot, which focuses on an automated booting tool.

EOS Core has developed a secure and reliable network that has been running as a testnet for several weeks. Bios Boot has focused their development and testing efforts on an automated bios boot tool. However, they do not have integrated security parameters and they have participated in testnets, but have not to our knowledge run one themselves.

In order to build the most professional and secure EOS network possible, we are proposing that the EOS community and Block Producer Candidates come to an agreement on what validates the validity of the EOS mainnet.

Unforeseen events and mistakes can happen, but overall, we must be sure that the boot process is completed with confidence and security. A few days ago, Bios Boot attempted to launch the main chain and they joined the chain with an enabled state of “production” which caused a fork in the chain.

EOS Core has also launched a validation network for all Block Producer Candidates to join. We encourage Bios Boot and any other EOS candidate networks to do the same and that no one call their network mainnet at this time. Instead, let’s take 48 hours to on-board Block Producer Candidates, do penetration tests, and ask representative members of the community to validate their accounts.

Once we have tested and validated networks loaded with the EOS genesis snapshots, one of those networks will become the mainnet and the others will join them. This will be based on consensus of the Block Producer Candidates.

Meanwhile, all of the Block Producer Candidates should join the various validation networks and collectively decide which one will become the mainnet through testing the structure, speed, and security of the networks.

It is our belief that many networks should be attempted and launched, but that there should only be one EOS mainnet and it should be the network that is the most reliable and garners the confidence and support of the most BP Candidates. Below are some links and a flow chart of the boot process.

Written by Ben Sigman in collaboration and with inspiration from Timothy Lewis of LibertyBlock.

Important Links for Block Producer Candidates

EOS Core

EOS Core \ Ghostbusters Github

EOS Core Onboarding Telegram — please join the keybase team chat for discussing peer keys and meshing efforts

EOS Bios Boot

Eos Bios Github

EOS Bios Boot Onboarding Telegram

Security and Guides

Note to BPs — How not to get hacked! by eosTribe

Block Producer Guide by Ben Sigman

EOS Mainnet Launch Flowchart

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