“Moving from a mobile to an AI first approach. Building for the future.“

Today we would be talking about the first step to take before you jump and start coding apps for the google assistance,which is the design pattern for your app. I know you would be asking yourself do i really need a design pattern to follow in building for google assistance ?

“that moment of thinking ”

Yup you need one to follow .

First what is google Assistance(GA),GA help you create a conversation between you and your own google, in an easy and rich experience. These are the sequential order to follow in creating a successful and rich app.

1. Choosing use cases

Really, choosing a use cases? yup , when building action for google assistance it should be in a case that fit the use of an assistance to accomplish something that won’t make a user get bored of using it, example booking a flight, buy movie ticket , play a guessing game is a good example of use cases. Your use case should fall into this category .

  • easy and compelling action, meaning action that can help save the user time.
  • action that is suited to be carried out by voice e.g buy movie ticket
  • action that user can answer off their head , by giving basic input like time, setting appointment .

Tho i believe in the future it would be able to do more like fix a car, or prepare meal for you.

2.Using the right persona

persona matter a lot in your app for example you don’t expect an app that is to keep me happy to have a business man or depressed person voice .I believe you already understand what persona already means but if you don’t understand just but this in mind the character . here you should spend good time here because the character matter a lot when building an app just like you don’t expect a mad man to guide you on making a reservation for a sit, yup.Talking a lot so i know you would be asking how do i get the right character for my app.That is easy if you know the use case of the app you can easily predict the character e.g let say we are to build a movie ticket app for app for the assistance, we know we need a an entertainment kind of person that is going to be cool, indirectly am say the first step matter a lot.

3.Choosing the name .

Really are we going to talk about this ?

“start nodding”

giving your app the right name matter a lot because you don’t expect to give your app a name that is going to be difficult for user pronounce e.g let say we want to tell google to call your app.

“ Ok google, talk to oboni-koko”

how do you expect user to be able to remember that name, that is wrong.Here is a good example of name for your app “my Todos”, users can easily remember that name .

“Ok google, talk to my todos”

it make sense like that right. Another thing to know, don’t give your app a name that don’t match the functionality of the actions to be carried out, like a flight booking app name to a food app.

4.Making a dialog.

Why am i not coding now?, because you have to design the UI, i know you would be saying this guy is crazy for designing UI for a TTS (text to speech) app, this help you to design the flow of how the conversation would be like and the kind of response you use to target a particular device like the home or your phone device. Here are some cool step to follow when making a dialog for your app.

  • A happy path for the conversation like from entry path to the ending path of the app.
  • A path where the user can handle input an intent that also lead to the end of your happy path e.g “ok Google, talk to Google fact about history of the Google assistance”.
  • Breaking point for your app like when a user want to end a conversation at the middle of the app like “am done!”.
  • different kind of awesome welcoming response.
  • conversation repair, example when the user say something that is not expected or say something that is wrong.

with all this in mind you can design a good app that can be used by anybody in mind.finally you can start coding.we would be taking you on building a real app for GA in our next post.

I hope it was helpful tnx.