15 Lessons I Learnt on Success, Happiness, Reading, Love and Life from Naval Ravikant

Life hacks to 10X your productivity, success and life

1. Success is attained on a long time scale

2. Luck and timing play a huge role in success

“ Most entrepreneurial efforts fail, but great entrepreneurs don’t.”

3. Happiness is a skill

Happiness is the sense that nothing is missing.

4. Be a learning machine

“I don’t want to read everything. I just want to read the 100 great books over and over again.”

“I think learning should be about learning the basics in all the fields and learning them really well over and over.”

5. Treat books like blogs

6. Run your brain in debugging mode

7. The only moment that exists is the present — savor it while you can

8. What people say is love, is not love. It’s a transaction.

9. Habits are everything

10. Know your priority (just one) a.ka. your north star

Optimize for one thing in life — it helps determines the order of the rest of the things that are nice-to-have and to avoid entirely.

11. Life is a single player game

12. Learn principles and mental models to make better decisions

13. Genius is explaining complex things in simple ways

14. Guard your time — it’s all you have

15. The advice he would give his 20 year old self

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