CS Classroom Management Tips

Hastily jotted down during lunch.


  1. Perpetual urgency. No downtime, no “if you finish early” no games. Have “work behind the work” — rubrics with extensions, a site on which to practice skills with any downtime.
  2. The computer isn’t the point of class, the computer is a tool– an expensive tool whose use must be earned and which must be treated with respect.


  1. Assigned seats.
  2. Clear and short mini-lessons away from the computer.
  3. Clear time limits.
  4. No headphones.
  5. Walk a path– as you circulate your room, go to every student before you circle back for frantically waving hands. Make students ask each other questions and problem solve without your direct intervention.
Urgency is the most important. Create urgency around the work, and a culture where what students are doing on the computer is more interesting and more fun than what they already know how to do with a computer, and you solve most other problems.