EU Summer LCS - Semifinals | SPY vs H2K

Picks and Bans

H2K ban Bard
A target ban against Mikyx and a definitely must ban champion against him. 6 games played; 100% winrate.

SPY ban Elise
Jankos on Elise is also another must ban, specially with Elise’s kit combined with his early playstyle, he’d most likely prove us the title he earned as the “First Blood King”.

H2K ban Kassadin
With this ban, H2K most likely doesn’t want to deal with a roaming mid laner and that can do well with it. Another point is the pressure it brings to the side lanes during mid games and possibly with Teleport. Kassadin is also a great counter-pick for Taliyah if ever Splyce favors the Taliyah matchups.

SPY ban Shen
As said by Krepo, Odoamne on Shen just really fits his playstyle and you don’t want your opponents to be comfortable specially in playoffs.

H2K ban Aurelion Sol
A bit surprising ban, even though Sencux haven’t played it on stage, Aurelion Sol is becoming quite popular in some other regions and really offers a lot in terms of rotation, roaming and macro plays.

SPY ban Sivir
Splyce mostly banned the champions that H2K are comfortable to play with and could really change the macro game or highly affect the teamfights. Splyce would also most likely to adapt their P&B after the 1st Game.

H2K pick Rek’Sai
I could say pretty standard and expected for both teams. Leaving Rek’Sai open is kind of risky and picking her wouldn’t show much of your composition.

SPY pick Gnar and Ashe
Still at this point, not a reactionary pick; strong laners. With Sivir being banned, Ashe or Jhin are the mostly the choices at this moment.

H2K pick Ekko and Taliyah
With Gnar being picked, Ekko is one of the champions that top laners tend to pick against it. Some would say H2K shoudn’t picked Taliyah until later on but you don’t want Splyce to pick specially with 2 roaming mids are banned.

SPY pick Vladimir and Gragas
Gragas is the next in line for top tier junglers, it is also better for Splyce to have another front line and can do well on early game specially against Rek’Sai and contribute a lot during teamfights. Vladimir is also a pretty good matchup against Taliyah, he can survive the poke during laning phase and can roam a bit with Ghost.

H2K pick Lucian and Taric
Lucian is probably FORG1VEN’s choice over Jhin because you don’t really want to get caught against Splyce’s composition. Taric is no surprise, with this addition, H2K’s bottom lane is looking pretty good during laning phase.

SPY pick Tahm Kench
With Ashe that can perform well during laning phase, Tahm Kench is a viable option to pick because you want to avoid the Lucian-Taric Level 2 power spike.
— — — 
2:47 A well timed gank and pathing from Jankos, they know that both the bottom duo started a camp and Splyce would push the wave to gain a level advantage, which would result their lane to be pushed a little. This is now a window of opportunity for H2K specially with Rek’Sai to blow a flash and do a repeat gank.

3:40 After the gank, Trashy could’ve went to steal the Blue to punish H2K a bit more. But instead decided to play it a bit safely.

6:00 A cringey and understandable play from Wunder, he wants to prevent H2K to get the first tower and underestimated their power to kill him under the tower and ends up giving a kill + first tower.

10:50 A well planned and executed dive by H2K, there’s nothing Splyce can do to prevent the dive or go even in kills. I feel like Wunder shouldn’t tp’ed in, he could’ve just pushed the top lane with the big wave, if H2K went for the drag after the dive, then he could tp in and by that time maybe he has his Mega Gnar.

At the mid-game, things quite slowed down. H2K don’t want to overreach and be the turning point for Splyce, they’re putting and clearing wards together and then work for the objectives around it. One crucial teamfight can really decide the fate of the game, it progress with Splyce slowing creeping their way back into the game.

26:00 It starts with Splyce being in a good position for a teamfight, they hit their target and forced a Heal, Wunder’s rage bar is building up but Sencux went it a little bit early and not stacking their crowd controls properly. It starts good and ends looking like it was a forced teamfight and boredom of vision war.

30:20 Another kind of a good teamfight for SPY but with H2K’s 10k gold lead + Baron buff, it would really be hard to pull off a win in that fight.

34:45 I really don’t feel like the Baron call is a need for Splyce, they’re winning slowly in teamfights and even though FORG1VEN is still dead for 20 seconds, H2K are up ahead of 1 full item and they’re back from the base. If they’ve waited and held on for a bit longer Splyce could maybe won the game.

Picks and Bans

Same bans for both teams, but I feel like Splyce should ban Taric. Wunder landed some supposed to be crucial ultimates but was just negated by Vander’s ultimate.

H2K pick Rek’Sai
H2K’s lead really started to bloat out with Jankos early rotations and ganks.

SPY pick Gnar and Taliyah
A really good takeaway, Taliyah as seen on Game 1 really contributed a lot on roaming and helping pick up kills. If Sencux ends up doing well with it, Taliyah I think would be 100% picked or banned.

H2K pick Ekko and Ashe
Odo feel like he could just do a repeat performance against Wunder. The Ashe pick is something I really don’t agree on, they could’ve picked Taric in response to that Gnar.

SPY pick Tahm Kench and Jhin
Tahm pick is maybe something they prioritize much better than Taric right now with the compositions and could be the answer for some crucial arrows from FORG1VEN.

H2K pick Vladimir and Taric
As expected, or maybe (but unlikely) a Karma mid in this situation.

SPY pick Gragas
Another expected top tier and comfortable pick. No reason to change and mix it all up.
 — — — 
Early game started with some supposed to be First Bloods and a really good tracking and pathing for both junglers. They both mixed it up, changed their pattern, both were placing deep wards to locate and see if an opportunity arises.

12:00 A really bad decision for Splyce, you really can’t surprise Odo with a swap and force the first turret gold. H2K have Odoamne to delay them, Splyce have non to even just delay the turret destruction. H2K also had the option to take the Ocean Drake but they didn’t. Poor planning for Splyce.

16:00 The 1–3–1 is working good for Splyce, they are comfortable to play with this, knowing that Ryu can’t follow up immediately because he has Flash-Ghost.

Splyce could just continue the 1–3–1 and build pressure around the map. When Ryu catches the bottom wave, Splyce can either run to top and dive or do a Baron attempt, it would be a guaranteed 4v5. This is a huge problem for H2K, they are forced to play the same strategy for about 10 mins without really losing and risking so much.

The following events are pretty much the result of SPY’s great 1–3–1 and map control.

28:35 I could this is a good thing for H2K even though they lost the Dragon, they broke the 1–3–1 that pressured and pushed them to make some unlikely or uncomfortable plays. With all outer towers destroyed, it gives both teams more rooms to work with.

34:30 A really good teamfight positioning for Splyce, all H2K members are all low meanwhile Splyce only have their frontline to soak all the return fire of H2K.

40:00 The 3–1–1 is so effective for Splyce here, they placed Sencux in the mid lane so that he can response to either lane. Gragas, Tahm and Jhin are also great for disengage when H2K forced a 4v3 fight, this is already well set by Splyce. Wunder’s TP and Sencux’s Ultimate are both up.

Picks and Bans

Still the same bans, the deciding factor would be who would H2K prioritize or if Splyce are okay with some blind picks.

H2K pick Rek’Sai
They still highly prioritize the early game pressure it brings and again the varieties of jungle pathing you can make and surprise the enemy jungler.

SPY pick Gnar and Taliyah
Of course it is highly that they would pick it again, the 1–3–1 worked well for them, the roaming mid helped them a lot laning phase.

H2K pick Tahm Kench and Ashe
I really don’t feel like Ashe pick is great or maybe they’ve enough practice with it. I’m hoping more of a mobile AD Carry, specifically Lucian, in which FORG1VEN showed good performance. Jhin can also work, he can peel for you and you even have the Tahm to save him.

SPY pick Gragas and Jhin
80% same composition as last game, don’t fix what’s not broken. Trashy’s ultimates are also on point last game.

H2K pick Vladimir and Gangplank
Gangplank would be great to match the global presence Spylce have. The rotations and pressure is what really cost them the game.

SPY pick Braum
Taric could’ve been much better for Splyce. We’ve seen the impact of it during crucial teamfights. They might also picked Braum to match the laning phase of Tahm-Ashe.
 — — — 
Both teams really doing great on tracking and adapting on the pathing of the junglers. Forcing summoners is always a good thing for it creates the option for a repeat gank and make the opposing lane play a little bit safer and put their resources in it.

The early game aggression from Jankos is shaping their lead. Whenever he’s counter-jungling, he is forcing the lane to respond and collapase into him, in which gives his team a space to freeze, take some cs and gain some exp lead.

12:00 This is initially a lane swap for H2K and it is also a great timing because the wave is pushed in. After the kill, SPY’s bottom lane is already late to the rotation made by H2K.

17:00 H2K rotated to the mid lane to take down another outer tower, SPY in answer to that is to dive Odoamne and take the bottom tower which is really not that fair in terms of the opening the map.

22:20 With Wunder’s death, the 1–3–1 for Splyce is slowly crumbling down. Odoamne is successful in putting pressure, drawing attention in the side lane and then H2K rotating to Baron.

31:20 H2K’s composition is really good at forcing fights specially if Splyce is not grouped together to catch the wave and then run to the next objective; Baron.

35:00 H2K can really keep the siege going, they have Rek’Sai who can ult back, Tahm can bring someone back and continue till the Inhibitor is down specially with the help of Baron buff.

The pressure on top lane is something Splyce can’t ignore, they also have to respond to H2K that’s destroying their mid inhib. They can’t defend forever and hope H2K goes full retard.

H2K is already ahead of 15k+ gold lead and a Baron buff, there’s no stopping them.

Picks and Bans

Finally, Splyce made the adjustment. They swapped out Sivir for a Taliyah ban, 1–3–1 isn’t really gonna work this time again, H2K already adpated to the strategy if they ever pick it again.

H2K pick Rek’Sai
Still a heavy priority, they are confident that jungle won’t be the problem for them. Another thing I hope they did was first pick Sivir, then it would be sure that Splyce would take Rek’Sai or else they just did a mistake for their pick and ban strategy.

SPY pick Gnar and Sivir
Now we see the Sivir, with these picks Splyce would look for teamfights or skirmishes around objectivs and stack their lead that way.

H2K pick Tahm Kench and Vladimir
These might be comfort picks for H2K, they maybe plan on playing around their power spikes on the bottom lane. Vladimir blind pick is always fine, you can always assure that you can have an escape and sustain if ever Splyce put most of their resources mid.

SPY pick Malzahar and Gragas
With my previous reason on Vlad pick, Malzahar matches well with him. They can go even on laning phase and Malzahar is quite safe for ganks against a Rek’Sai. Malzahar pick is also great for their composition, they will be able to lockdown anyone and make it 4v5.

H2K pick Ashe and Gangplank
Ashe pick is good, but again I expected FORG1VEN to go for Lucian. He can match the lane matchup and is much more mobile if Splyce go hard on him during teamfights. Gangplank should be expected, Odoamne brings a huge presence and pressure anywhere on the map.

SPY pick Karma
Strong lane, we should see Splyce’s bottom lane to do well against H2K’s bottom duo. Karma also offers a lot during teamfights, which is the strength of their composition.
 — — — 
2:25 As expected, Karma-Sivir was able to bully out Ashe-Tahm and play their power spike.

8:25 Well timed swap for H2K, they gave Odo the blue to work on pushing the lane, put their bottom on top and as well as Jankos because they timed the blue of Splyce when Jankos and Trashy fought over the scuttle crab. It is a guaranteed 4v3 because Trashy have to pass the blue on Sencux, if they didn’t do it, Ryu can pressure the mid lane and maybe even take the first tower.

12:32 Over aggressive face check for Vander, he does know the position of Karma and Sivir and doesn’t respect the turnaround, but it was too far and too risky to execute. They don’t have deep visions to do this kind of plays.

16:15 This is a forced fight for H2K, their bottom duo is heavily pushed on top, they know that Trashy is doing the raptors and even committed with the play, they used 3 summoners and a GP ult for 2 kills. Splyce on the other hand used a Flash and the Teleport from Wunder getting the same kills. Now the momentum is on Splyce and the potential to destroy the outer mid tower. Awfully planned for H2K.

22:30 This buff transfer was nice for H2K but just didn’t worked out for them against a 5/1/2 Gnar.

Around 25–27 mins, 1–3–1 for Splyce is again working for them. They are just 5k ahead and are able to do this, putting the pressure and making H2K to decide and respond quickly with the objectives thay they can’t just ignore.

The Baron calls from Splyce were a bit sloppy, they could’ve finished it he first time around and they shouldn’t do it the second time, all players have respawned and fresh from the shop.

37:07 Wunder being the most annoying as he can be, drawing attention from 3 members of H2K and even bought enough time for his team to aid.

Ryu was almost out off this game, he was forced to itemize differently, delaying his power spike and not impacting much like he did on the past games.

Picks and Bans

Same bans again like Game 4, I really disagree now on H2K’s Bard ban. Swap it with Gnar, Wunder has played exceptionally well on lanes and macro these past few games on Gnar.

Same goes for picks, small adaptations were made. FORG1VEN now on Lucian with Karma which I don’t feel like would do well overall, yes Karma is strong in lane but could’ve been much better if they picked another front line with the likes of Taric/Braum/Trundle/Tahm Kench.
— — —
3:00 We can already see the adaptions or maybe turned out to be standard in this series is the pathing of the junglers around the map. Jankos even leaving the Blue buff of Splyce alive on top of a ward.

In the early part of the game, we can see both junglers hanging around the lanes, forcing some summoners and adding presence. We can also notice both teams respecting the threat of potential snowball lead.

11:30 Splyce now initiated the lane swap, timing it with the wave and then they moved Trashy to the bot side to catch the wave while no swaps are being made by H2K. H2K are now delayed on macro rotations, they stayed to trade the towers while Splyce were able to back and pick up some items.

14:20 This is supposed to be a great setup for H2K, Splyce’s bottom lane is on the long lane but managed to turn it around with Wunder and his Mega Gnar while stealing the blue, unlucky for H2K. Trashy even managed to steal the Infernal Drake on the extended teamfight, Splyce now is gaining momentum.

23:43 Ryu again forced to itemize against the Nether Grasp. A huge factor coming again in terms of power spike and the ability to dish out damage. Maybe most or all of his cs lead just went in investing to Quicksilver Sash.

29:00 And Ryu just found the fight for him with a little softening help from Baron. Splyce managed to quickly burst down FORG1VEN but the continuous little damage from Ryu is what turned this fight and the late arrival of Wunder also mattered a lot. Spylce have most of their resources on him and he failed to deliver on that specific teamfight.

32:10 Wunder performing and knowing the limits of his champion, he basically just snowballed.

— — —

That’s it!

Remember, Progress not Perfection.

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