NA Summer LCS - Quarterfinals | C9 vs NV

Picks and Bans

C9 ban Vladimir
Nothing surprising, teams have banned Vlad in the regular season against Team Envy multiple times and knowing how strong it is when played correctly.

NV ban Shen
Target ban for Impact, we’ve seen how good he can perform with this champion + the global presence it brings.

C9 ban Karma
Another somewhat standard ban, Karma offers a lot to the team with her kit. Movement around the map, poke/siege and can either engage and disengage.

NV ban Taliyah
Jensen is one of the NA mids that played her and do exceptionally well. NV is also avoiding some heavy roaming mids.

C9 ban Gangplank
Gangplank has been a matchup for mostly anyone, he can do ok in lane and great in cross-map plays. This could also be almost a 3 ban against Ninja, having a wide champion pool and be able to do well with it.

NV ban Cassiopeia
Another target ban for Jensen, Team Envy really want to contain Jensen in the mid lane.

C9 pick Tahm Kench
Interesting first pick for C9 even though Tahm Kench is the Top 3 pick this patch. They could’ve gone for Gnar and also deny it for Seraph.

NV pick Sivir and Gragas
NV kinda showed what team comp they’re going for, but it also denied the Gragas for Meteos.

C9 pick Ashe and Gnar
This is a really good second round pick for C9, Sneaky has shown us how great he can perform specially with that arrow picks. Impacts’ Gnar is good, he’s comfortable to play and make plays with it.

NV pick Kennen and Braum
A surprising pick, Kennen flex top/mid. Kennen also fits the composition that NV is going for.

C9 pick Rek’Sai and Syndra
Rek’Sai is also good specially with the pressure in lane during the early stage of the game. And a first time pick for Jensen this split which pretty decent for the pick comp of C9.

NV pick Lissandra
Another champion that fits NV’s composition and either Seraph or Ninja can play her well.
— — — 
2:00 Sivir and Braum already cleared the first wave, pushing Ashe and Tahm back to their turrets and make Ashe probably miss some cs.

Another thing that I just want to point out is the pathing of Rek’Sai, Meteos started on the Gromp then to the Wolves, Wraiths, Scuttle, Red, Krugs and then went back to his Blue to either take it or give it to Jensen.

5:00 Meteos knowing the position of Procxin by his gank, he recalled assuming that Procxin will also do the same, he went bottom to anticipate a gank from Procxin. He was also able to put a deep ward on NV’s jungle.

8:40 We can see the investment of Meteos on Scuttles and deep wards, another advantage for Jensen.

13:40 NV executed a good priority kill on Jensen, he has received so much support on Metoes stopping his potential snowball.

After the gank, C9 immediately went to take the Mountain Drake, knowing that Seraph has to go back to his lane, Procxin and Ninja to go back and regen.

15:00 With C9 controlling the ward on the river, Jensen and Meteos rotated to the bottom but were spotted by a ward, NV’s bottom duo was forced to back away which could’ve been worse on top of the solo turret gold on Sneaky.

16:00 NV starts to group up and use their composition but their bottom duo was forced to defend and push back the wave on the bottom lane which then C9 translates into a kill on the mid.

18:00 A huge mistake for NV, they moved 5 people on the top lane on pursuit to Impact which lead to another turret for C9. They could’ve push the turret then maybe force teamfight around the Herald. In which as I said their strength.

23:00 This is the fight that NV have been looking for, they killed Sneaky and Smoothie in exchange for none. They did it even with the pressure of Impact on the bottom lane. It was basically C9’s fault to move into that part of the map.

26:00 Some might say C9 should’ve went for the Baron but Impact’s ultimate and TP is down, NV have the Scuttle. If they forced it, it could be another fight for NV.

27:30 NV should’ve finished the Drake, C9 can’t really rush Baron at the moment especially with Meteos opted for the tanky build.

31:10 Picking off Seraph should be the goal of C9 in every teamfight, we can already see the stomp C9 could do if Seraph is out of the equation.

40:00 The turning point for NV, Impact used his ultimate a little bit early thus making him an easy target and even forced Smoothie to devour him. C9’s frontline was put aside and it was just an easy backline dive for Seraph and Ninja.

42:40 Seems like C9 is just forcing teamfights with this close game. Impact diving and committing to kill either of the carries but his ultimate is not optimal. Props to Procxin’s Explosive Cask, he managed to move Sneaky, Jensen and Smoothie way back in order for his team to kill Impact.

44:50 With Ninja down without the reach of Seraph’s ultimate, this is the setup that C9 is hoping for. Another mistake that NV did was they continued with the fight, Seraph even commits to dive but Jensen and Sneaky is just at bay to fend him off.

The next scenarios went really bad for C9 as seen on the VOD which lead them to their defeat.

Picks and Bans

C9 ban Vlad / NV ban Shen / C9 ban Sivir / NV ban Taliyah / C9 ban Karma / NV ban Tahm Kench

Almost the same thing happened for the bans but with Sivir and Tahm Kench out. Sivir on NV was their main enabler and brings a lot of utiliy during the teamfights and excels at speed wave clears. As for Tahm Kench on C9, Smoothie really played well specially with his use of the Abyssal Voyage.

Coming off with how they win, NV wouldn’t really mind changing their draft. They made plays that forced C9 in a bad spot, punished them and they feel like they are in control for most of the game.

C9 drafted pretty much the same composition as game 1 but with Thresh. They are confident that they can pull off a win with it and that they just committed to some teamfights that doesn’t really favor them.

C9 pick Ashe

NV pick Gangplank and Gragas
Since C9 let Gangplank slip off the bans, NV feels comfortable to flex him to whatever lane they feel favorable. Procxin on Gragas is good but crumbles a bit when pressured in his jungle.

C9 pick Rek’Sai and Gnar

NV pick Braum and Jhin

C9 pick Syndra and Thresh

NV pick Lissandra
 — — — 
2:50 The pathing of Rek’Sai should be as expected with game 1 and Procxin adapting well, taking the blue for himself.

As for Impact, the gank of Gragas could’ve been avoided. You know that NV saw the pathing of Rek’Sai in game 1, earlier trinket ward could’ve saved his Flash.

5:00 Pretty well timed gank against Lissandra and a mistake for him. Even though that the camps we’re pinged, Lissandra moves to the top side jungle where Meteos was presumably going. And if he’s just about to ward the brush to anticipate the gank, he could’ve done it safer.

8:40 This kill is the result of Meteos being aggressive, invading NV’s jungle and at the same time putting deep wards. He even finished Sightstone first before his jungle item.

9:05 Team Envy won this trade. Even though Sneaky got that double kill, Ninja and Procxin forced the TP from Gnar and their bottom duo eventually destroyed the first turret of the game.

17:10 Before this fight happens, a lot of picks with Sneaky’s arrows connected then translates into a kill meanwhile, Impact asserting dominance against Seraph, putting himself 50 cs ahead. We can also see the effect of it in this teamfight, this could’ve been better for NV if Seraph completed his Trinity Force. NV should back when they traded 1 for 1, they know that Gnar have tp, Seraph can’t do anything even though he tps, a miscommunication or even a greedy move for NV.

At around 22–24 minutes, Seraph is just somewhat out of this game, he is 1 full item behind, he is no match against Impact this game, he can’t clear the waves effectively. C9 playing around with this weakness.

NV kind of found a hope on winning this game, if they continue to properly utilize their Gangplank-Jhin combo, another great setup with Ninja. But all of them are already 1 full item behind with 2 inhibitors down.

Picks and Bans

C9 ban Vladimir / NV ban Shen / C9 ban Sivir / NV ban Taliyah / C9 ban Karma / NV ban Syndra

Almost same bans for both team with NV adjusting and removing Syndra on the hands on Jensen which had 20 kills and dominated the game. A really must ban for NV.

C9 pick Tahm Kench
Again, we can see they priority of C9 with the movement and macro plays around the map. Probably we’re gonna see the Ashe pick for NV to deny it or a 2nd round Ashe pick for C9, we’ve seen the synergy of Smoothie and Sneaky during game 1, how aggressive they are on the laning phase and showed great potential despite losing the game.

This is a really good 1st round for C9, even if NV gets the Ashe, Tahm Kench can eat the one who was shot by an arrow.

NV pick Ashe and Rek’Sai
With Taliyah and Syndra out, they took Rek’Sai out of Metoes’ hand which really enables Jensen with the early blue buff transfer and the constant gank pressure.

C9 pick Gragas and Gnar
Same composition, great results.

NV pick Kennen and Thresh
With C9 picking Gnar again, NV is kind of forced to play the Gnar-Kennen matchup which is really even. Ashe Thresh combination is also good specially with its constant cc and pick potential in lane.

C9 pick Jhin and Cassiopeia
We can already say that C9 is just comfortably drafting around what NV gives to them. NV should expect Jhin and Cassiopeia to be picked up by C9.

NV pick Jayce
A really questionable pick for NV, they should really expect C9 to draft Cassiopeia if they left it open. Ninja could’ve played this match up during scrims but I will consider this as a mistake for NV.

Starting off with the series, they banned Cass in game 1. If they have this prepared, they will let Jensen play it and then pick Jayce but this will also require to Ninja to play great against this match up. This way they can force a permanent Jayce ban for the rest of the series and can ease their picks and bans strategy. If this turned out to be good in favor of NV, they’ve just wasted their ban in the first 2 games.
 — — — 
2:50 NV’s bot lane goal at the start was clear, push C9’s bot away from the creeps to make them miss some experience then try to pick with their level 2 power spike. The position of LOD here was a bit greedy, they we’re rushing level 2 and harassing C9 at the same time placing himself in range with Jhin and Tahm Kench’s attack and cc range. So he backs off meanwhile, Hakuho is now the one receiving damage without return fire.

7:40 Really bad dive for NV and Seraph being impatient, he’s the one who’s gonna deal damage but used his ultimate too early, trading one for one. + First solo tower kill for Sneaky + Infernal Drake.

9:30 I feel like NV should’ve lane-swap, it is past 5 minutes, your Ashe have Cull, your bottom lane is immobile, why not put Seraph on the long lane and freeze it. C9 is building momentum really fast.

10:30 Third gank for Impact, NV is planning to put their weights on Seraph’s shoulder but still ends up one for one with the help of their mid laner and this time they’re punished even harder with their tower down on mid.

Comeback for NV is really hard at this point. They’re losing map control, presence and vision. They really can’t farm in their own jungle especially with the double sightstone for C9 and the continuous split push from Impact who almost really need 3 people to stop him. But they can’t do to trade it for another possible Inhibitor. This is the result of their poor decision making.

20:00 Desperate Baron call. Vision around the pit wasn’t set upped, 2 of their lanes are being pushed, they are down 11k+ gold.

Picks and Bans

NV ban Shen / C9 ban Vlad / NV ban Taliyah / C9 ban Sivir / NV ban Syndra / C9 ban Tahm Kench

NV ban Karma

C9 pick Ashe and Gragas

NV pick Lee Sin and Jhin

C9 pick Gnar and Thresh

NV pick Pantheon and Lissandra

C9 pick LeBlanc
 — — —

4:40 Another aggressive start from LOD and Hakuho, playing around with their power spike. The start was good start and was just really unlucky for them that Meteos also happen to do a lane gank, the scuttle was taken by Procxin and the brush was warded.

5:50 Ninja is doing good with Pantheon against LeBlanc, ahead in cs and his wave is pushing in, C9 responding and timing it just right to gank him. The mistake he did was he have a trinket up and didn’t use it while the wave was pushing it.

7:40 NV’s bottom lane is really doing well, they’re also doing good with their combo pushing Sneaky further back to his turret. NV really did a great job on realizing and using their lead, with their huge incoming wave and the early Tiamat on Lee Sin they got the first brick gold which is really not that impactful on three people compared to a solo kill.

They really shouldn’t have committed on the engage, Seraph just used his ultimate at top which he should tell his team that he can be no help already. Plus, Ninja and Procxin is already at half hp.

11:35 A really questionable engage from Procxin, he doesn’t have flash to combo either Jensen or Sneaky, he should also know that both of them have their flash so what’s that engage for. Seraph was also a little far behind and was just instantly exhausted. They should play around picks not teamfights specially with their composition.

NV is just crumbling at this point, they have no proper engage, they’re getting picked off one by one, they’re doing some risky plays and poor rotations and I feel like their communication are not doing so good. And that Triple-Youmuus’.

It was a massacre. You really can’t do anything against with that gold deficit and again specially with NV’s composition.
 — — —

That’s it!

Remember, Progress not Perfection.

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