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Match 1 vs Vega Squadron

Analysis focused on SSG

The level 1 adaptation from Vega’s bottom lane is good. They didn’t face check any brush against an Olaf. Meanwhile, Samsung did a great thing that I think every team should do. CuVee staying on Blue to either guard it against late invade or do a fake leash and even use some mana to commit to it. By doing this strategy to either Top or Bot lane, you’d give so much less information to where your jungler started. This can also cause enemy’s sidelanes to play safer until their jungler check the camps or use their trinket earlier, in which Vega did both.

[2:54] Ambition saw Zanzarah with a Red, they should have an estimate timer on when it will respawn again. Both teams already know that the other Blue Buff is the next thing they should contest but Samsung really doesn’t capitalize with their bottom lane push advantage to invade Vega’s Blue.

[5:34] This is where we can start to see some deep vision from Vega and a really great use of respawn timer. In which Samsung seems to really doesn’t give value that much and because of that Zanzarah is still ahead against Ambition.

And even though that CoreJJ had the earlier Sighstone, they really doesn’t use or position themselves for the next objective.

[9:15] At this point, Samsung should be in position to contest the Blue or even take the Infernal. Vega’s bottom lane based, if they were in position specifically Ambition, they could start a 5v3 fight over Blue or Drake.

Instead Ambition went to Top to either counter jungle or gank Poppy. There’s no way they could kill Poppy without atleast trading 1 for 1. Also, Ruler and CoreJJ looked for an arrow play on Mid, they stayed there for about 30secs. If Ambition was bottom side, they could’ve gotten the Infernal Drake which would’ve been really great for their composition.

[12:12] Samsung just started the Infernal which is a really bad because Crown just used most of his mana to attempt a kill on Orianna and they can’t take it fast down fast enough. If they are really committing to take this Infernal, CuVee should be ready with his Teleport but instead he prioritize the push. A really bad macro from Samsung.

[14:00] This could’ve been much better in favor of Samsung if Ambition prioritize the first tower instead of taking the Blue. The next plays from Samsung are really questionable, I really don’t know what’s going on their head. They doesn’t seem to look at the minimap more often than they should.

Crown all alone on the top side, no summoners and low on mana. Poppy and Rek’Sai can clearly be seen on top side and in the jungle. A really greedy move from Crown.

The next one is from CoreJJ, he should’ve seen Vega’s duo clearly headed to respond on the fight. Instead he E’d himself to face check a brush.

Their vision control is also falling apart, they doesn’t move their pink. Specially if the enemy jungler has a tracker’s knife. Vision control should be a lot more proactive and move their pinks more often.

[19:40] Ambition clearly shows his bad habit of trying to solo an objective. If he’s planning to do this more often, I think Deadman’s Plate should be his build. He’s purely HP build right now and LeX going for the Mortal Reminder would punish him and CuVee.

The micro decisions from Samsung is what caused them the early-mid game. With Ambition going so low, it opened a slight window for Vega for a 4v5 fight. And clearly short after it, their wards clearly paid off, taking Crown, Ambition and the Ocean Drake.

[22:20] We can see Vega’s mid game lane assignments, they put Orianna on top and Poppy on bot which is really good because they identified their next objective which is the Baron.

With the attempt of Crown and Ambition to kill Poppy, Vega quickly moved into the top side jungle of Samsung to setup the Baron.

[25:13] The siege from Vega is good but I think their communication at this point is a bit off even though it was pinged that Maokai is missing from the bot side. This is clearly a huge mistake from Vega and a great job to Samsung for capitalizing and trying for something to happen.

At this point, Vega’s vision game is now falling and slowly going in favor of Samsung. Which shouldn’t really happen because they have the pressure from early to mid game.

[31:45] With Crown showing on top again to push another wave, Vega forced a fight to pick off Ambition. After that, Vega should’ve collapse towards Crown. They can clearly see where he’s walking, but instead they try to siege the inhib tower with 3 minions.

Vega could’ve taken the Baron if they just collapse to Crown and it won’t be a 50/50 because Ambition have a long death timer.

[37:30] I think Vega could’ve done much more if they kept the 1–3–1 push with Baron buff. Samsung is just waiting and playing around Vega’s mistakes.

[40:00] For a couple of minutes, Vega pushed the bottom lane and put down some wards in preparation for the Elder Drake. But how Samsung played around it is great. This is where pretty how the game ends.


  • Not able to utilize Buff Timer.
  • Didn’t give off much pressure in the jungle.
  • Team isn’t on the same page for objectives.
  • Very poor early to mid game macro and decisiveness.
  • Jungle-Support ward synergy to ward isn’t there, causing support to face check multiple times.
  • Build path of Ambition is not that optimal.
  • Stagnant Control wards.
  • Teleport plays are off.
  • Plays around the map are mostly caused/forced by Vega.


  • Mistakes of Vega properly punished and capitalized.
  • Vision control during late game is good. Prevents Vega from taking another objective/advantage.
  • Mid-late game positioning of carries are great.
  • Didn’t overreach for fights/objectives.
  • Played all the math up pretty even.
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