My Reflection on Arist

Some feelings are rather difficult for me to describe no matter how hard I tried when reviewing what I’ve learnt from the journey throughout the development of Arist Home.

When jotting down some treasurable lessons which I learnt, some snapshots of my past years came across my mind. My inner world was about to collapse.

From 2014 to mid 2015, I tasted the success since the Arist Home was fully supported by the pledgers in Kickstarter campaign. I also received award of the year in the Hong Kong ICT Award competition.

Limelight, laughters, applause surrounded me.

I thought I would have achieved the career success speedily.

However, no one would believe that those were illusion.

At the end of October 2016, I made up my mind to leave the company which developed by myself and my big brother, Nelson Chiu, co-founder & CEO of Arist Home. I could not imagine Nelson’s facial expression when he received my resignation letter via courier. But, I fully understand that I won’t allow myself to work in a world full of deception and determined to say goodbye to all “lies”. Please always remember my honest advice below if you are going to be an owner of a “start-up” -

1) Kick out your “pride” from the bottom of your heart. Otherwise, you may be too ambitious and grow the company unreasonably quickly. It will block your road to a healthy success for the company.

2) Be focused. Don’t be distracted by different projects. Dedicated to working for the project you had successfully got the support from the “pledgers”.

3) Be humble. You will definitely face great pressure and challenges, which I can assure you, please let go of your ego, no one will “unfriend” you if you ask for help.

4) Be careful to choose your partner. If your partner can’t share the same goal, beliefs and values with you, or you don’t have a same “dream”, please don’t work with him together. It will make the whole thing become messy.

Last but not least, failure does not mean anything but the first step of learning process. You can lose money but cannot lose FAITH.

Best wish,