In my opinion this is the most important thing.
Luis Martinez

Thanks Luis for your comment.

In my experience, it is very easy for people to forget to do this and take the customer for granted when you have them locked in. Some examples of things that you can do to demonstrate your value

  1. Keep the customer informed of the value your service is providing to them (for example, we saw this many incidents and saved you this much time or money…)
  2. Let them know of the new features or updates that have been added to the service on a regular basis (we’ve added this feature this week and this is what you can do with it..)
  3. Continue to evolve and differentiate your service through new features, or services. This may be through new partnerships with other services or solutions providers. It is very easy for a service, such as remote monitoring, to get commoditized so you must continuously evolve it to build value for the customer.
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