You didn’t mention device security once in this entire article.
Lewis Gerald Thruppence

You are correct in that I didn’t talk about device security, or about technology in this article. My main focus on the article was to address something that many solution vendors are struggling with — understanding who they are really selling to, and who are the real buyers that are finding value with their solutions in this emerging market.

There are a whole set of things on the technology side that are a “can of worms” that solution vendors need to address that are barriers to a sale — security (as you correctly stated), interoperability, integration, multiple standards, architecture approach, user experience, etc. Each one of these are a future article topic.

Security is a ticking time bomb no one has really addressed. I talked briefly about security in a response to a recent article on the Vulnerabilities of the Ring Doorbell. Some of those points are true on the IIoT side of things as well. A lot more needs to be done, but at an ecosystem level, and not just at an edge or device level.

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