Quickly understand UPay mode

UPay is the world’s first LQT (Leveraged quantitative trading) digital asset leveraged quantitative trading mining. Based on Ethereum’s LQT protocol, digital asset quantitative trading mining is realized. Users can leverage their idle digital assets to obtain stable and considerable Earnings, at the same time get the platform UP pass and more rights.

Digital asset leverage quantification

Ordinary users investing in digital currency will cause the loss of asset value due to the large fluctuations in the price of digital currency, making it difficult for investors to control risks. Only a few people invest in digital currency to obtain returns. The Upay platform has developed a set of leveraged quantization models through big data in the past exploration, to realize the stable and safe annual income of digital assets. In the future, the platform will quantify the leverage of various digital currencies and build a decentralized protocol for an open financial system, designed to allow anyone in the world to conduct financial activities anytime, anywhere.

UPay currently uses 5 times leverage quantification. Users transfer BTC, USDT, ETC and other digital currencies to UPay wallet, and use the platform’s self-developed quantification system to enlarge personal digital assets 5times into UPE (platform fuel value unit) At present, the platform only supports USDT quantification. One USDT is quantified as 5UPEs, and the value of 5UPEs is equivalent to 5USDTs. UPE is released into USDT at a rate of 2 per thousand per day. After the release, it reaches 500% leveraged income.

UP is the Upay platform pass and proof of rights and interests, with a total of 10.5 million. UP uses mobile phone quantitative mining. UP has a fixed output of 2100 pieces per day, and mining every hour generates new UP. Regardless of the number of users, the daily output of UP is fixed at 2100. The output of a single user is allocated according to the amount of UPE. The more UPE users have, the more mining will be.

In general, the development path of UPay is very long. The decentralized LQT (Leveraged quantitative trading) digital asset leveraged quantitative trading mining model is a new expansion of blockchain technology in the financial field. But in terms of cost savings, solving trust, and reducing financial risks, Upay is very worth looking forward to.

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