UP is the governance token of the Upay platform, and Upay leveraged quantitative financial services introduced a mining model. The total number of UPs is 10.5 million, and 2100 are generated every day. All UPs are distributed to agreement users and distributed free of charge.

Since UP is a governance token, the main role of the UP token is for community governance of Upay. The holder of the UP token can initiate a proposal or change proposal on the LQT protocol, or vote on the proposal. The more tokens you hold, the higher the voting weight, and the more platform rights you enjoy.

Leverage quantification is mining. 100% UP is generated during the quantification conversion of user assets. Mining once every hour, UP will be distributed to users of LQT agreement for free. As long as users use the Upay protocol to quantify their leverage, the more digital assets they quantify, the more UP they allocate.

UP future planning.

UP is a pass for Upay platform and represents the value of platform equity. UP will be issued on the ERC20 chain. In the future, UP will establish contact with major financial service platforms and apply blockchain technology to a wider range of financial service industries.

In addition, with the promotion of community development, UP launched a number of international digital currency exchanges at a suitable time. The financial service model of the Upay platform has been extended to various industries around the world. The value of UP has been recognized by more people, and its value has appreciated over time to reflect the effect of compounding block by block.

In order to maintain the Upay community management, the Upay platform-based application goes live, and the profits will be distributed to UP token holders. At the same time, UP token holders (and their representatives) can discuss, propose and vote on any future changes to the composite agreement . For example, asset quantification agreements, quantitative mining rule modification, application distribution requirements, etc.

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