What is UPay leveraged quantitative trading?

Finance, as the most fertile soil for breeding blockchain technology, is naturally the most promising market for blockchain technology. With the advent of Ethereum, a new financial system began to appear in front of people. Especially when the UPay team develops blockchain technology, it is difficult to implement blockchain technology in the traditional financial model. During the long-term development process, a set of digital asset leveraged quantitative mining system was developed to increase the value of users’ digital assets safely and steadily.

LQT is a short form of LQT. Compared with the current closed financial system, the system established by UPay is an open finance, which breaks the drawbacks of traditional finance in blocking and opaqueness.

How do UPay users achieve revenue?

The UPay platform contains two units, UP and UPE. UP is a platform pass and proof of all rights and interests, and is also a representative of the future value of the platform. The UPE image is described as the platform’s fuel value, which is equivalent to the digital asset value quantified by the platform users, and is also the computing power value of UP mining. The more UPE you have, the more digital assets and UP mining power you have.

UPay expands user digital assets by 5times and quantifies transaction mining. The total amount of UP is 10.5 million pieces, and all UP is generated by users’ quantitative mining. The total amount of UP generated per day is 2100. The UP generated by user mining is allocated according to the proportion of UPE held. The more users who hold UPE, the more UP generated by mining.

UPay cooperates with many financial service providers around the world to create a global digital asset quantitative mining platform. As the first innovative project, our team will do its utmost to develop and promote the development of the leveraged quantitative mining model based on the Ethereum LQT protocol. There may be many setbacks in the future, but we will solve it through a hundred ways to maximize the value of UPay.

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