My Last Facebook Post

This will be probably be my last facebook post. I am done with this platform. For over 12 years I have used FB, in the beginning it was so much fun and I was convinced this technology was going to bring us closer together. I believe for a time it did. Getting to know what was going on in my friends’ lives, both new and old, was an uplifting and positive experience.

However, slowly, year by year, this platform has become a tool for politics, division, and misinformation. Facebook has been a fertile ground where the seeds of division were planted. And I have watched those seeds grow, day by day year by year.

You are entitled to insert who you believe is responsible for said division. News, politics, foreign powers, leftists, rightist, believers, non-believers or even the Illuminati (if that’s your thing). Regardless of who is to blame, that division grows stronger. I am unsure if it can or will be fixed. And that does not bring me joy nor peace, only anxiety and sadness.

I am choosing not to subject myself to it any longer.

As this pandemic grows, I see sickness, suffering, and death from those I care about and that eats at me constantly. I know that I am silent and powerless to help while they suffer and it is too much to bear. To make matters worse, this pandemic, the sick and dying, and the cure and preventions for this deadly virus have been politicized. It is just something I can not bear any longer. And, as the political season is upon us, this will become an even more fertile ground for this type of dissent and division.

I choose not to be a part of it. For better or worse.

To all my friends and family please know I will miss reading about your joys and accomplishments, and even your trials and tribulations. I will not be deleting this account as it is tied to many other services I use. Plus I treasure all of the memories I have made with you and I want to cherish those.

I will be posting my adventures to my Instagram account and on my personal website. I hope to do some blogging of my own more for my personal record I will be also keeping my FB messenger account open so I can reach out to you individual or in small groups to see how you are doing.

I will still pray every Thursday morning. Please send me your intentions via Instagram or FB messenger.



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Ben Soto

Ben Soto

Husband, Father. IT professional for 25 years. Seeking knowledge in health, fitness, planetary science, astronomy, UAP, neuroscience, philosophy, religion.