Anna Brown on design between spaces
Rachel Knight

Great article :) Agree with so many of the things being said. Hard to pick a favourite, but here’s a few:

“What I was most interested in was how we can change systems that aren’t working for people, and what value design can bring to that process.”

“Design in a strategic sense has a much bigger role to play; it’s much harder than what I used to do because it shifts quickly and it’s complicated, with excellent, complex and ‘inconvenient real people’ (a favourite line from a friend)”

And this conversation…He asked, “Is it like baking a cake where you take a set of ingredients and measure them out to get a chemical reaction?” I said no, because it’s different every time. He said “OK, is it like the rocky seashore where there’s tidal currents coming in and out?” Yes — it’s much more like that.