Convert EML to Thunderbird in Bulk Without Altering & Damaging Data

EML file format is supported by many email clients. But when we are talking about Thunderbird then, some users want to convert EML to Thunderbird directly. This can be done by using the expert solution that is EML To Thunderbird Converter. Someone can migrate EML to Thunderbird directly with the help of this tool. The tool is also helpful if Thunderbird is not installed.

There are many queries from users that how to import EML files to Thunderbird directly. In this article, we are going to discuss, how to convert EML to Thunderbird. Here, we will also discuss which one better option to import EML files to Thunderbird. But before going further we will understand the need to convert EML files to Thunderbird.

Need to Migrate EML to Thunderbird

EML is a file extension. In many email applications EML files are created like Outlook, Live Mail, and many other email clients. Thunderbird is a different email client which supports MBOX to store all the information. Sometimes, we get some EML files through mail or some other source. Hence, we cannot view them in Thunderbird in EML format. Now, we need to migrate EML to Thunderbird. There is one more reason why a user need to import EML files to Thunderbird. May be the user is migrating from some EML supporting email application to Thunderbird. In that case if user want the old information in Thunderbird then EML to Thunderbird conversion is required.

How to Convert EML to Thunderbird

Well there is no manual solution to import .eml files to Thunderbird. The best and easy solution is to use third party tool to convert EML to Thunderbird. The tool is very effective and also less time consuming. The software converts files in bulk which consume less time rather than converting files one by one. It is no compulsory in the software to import all the files at same time. This Eml to Thunderbird Converter gives flexibility to select files which user want to convert from EML to Thunderbird. Many times, in other tools user observed that their files are not convert with same formatting. In this software, EML to Thunderbird Converter files are converted with same formatting. The tool convert data without damaging the files or data.

Some of the highlighted features of tool are explained below:

  • Auto detection of files to import EML to Thunderbird — In order to convert EML files to Thunderbird the tool auto select the mail to convert while the user can also select the files from ‘Select File’ or ‘Select Folder’ option.
  • Single EML file to Thunderbird can be migrated — This tool supports to convert single file conversion. There could be auto selection of files but it is possible to convert just one file.
  • EML to Thunderbird Converter maintains data formatting — The software maintains data formatting. The tool also maintain the hierarchy at the time of Eml to Thunderbird conversion.
  • Can save imported files at desired location — The software allows to save the converted EML files at the desired location so that user can identify the converted files.
  • Import EML to Thunderbird with all attachments — The tool migrate EML to Thunderbird with all the attachments in it without altering the data. The tool also converts the data securely.
  • Software is compatible with all versions of Windows — The software is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS. The software can be installed and run in any Windows version without help of another tool.


In this article we have tried to discuss the problem of how to convert EML to Thunderbird. With this we have also tried to give solutions as well. The third-party tool to import EML to Thunderbird. The tool also provides a free trial version which allows to convert 25 mails. The tool effective as well as profitable.

For More information and take a free trail of the software visit the link given below: