Achieving client fit is a matter of definition

Do you struggle to attract high-quality clients? This simple exercise will help you identify your unique niche and give you the tools you need to attract your dream clients.

Four years ago, I began working as a freelance designer after teaching myself how to design while working a full-time job…

9 foolproof strategies to get more done

What would you do with a few more hours in your day? Here are nine simple strategies to regain control of your schedule, get more done with less stress, and find more time to do the things you love.

If you are like me, you likely struggle to accomplish everything…

Are you overlooking some of the most important keys to business success?

Does your company struggle to connect with its audience? Do you have difficulty charging a premium or maintaining customer loyalty? Has revenue slumped in the past few years? Your company’s branding (or lack thereof) may be to blame.

Whether you recently launched your first startup or you have owned a…

Seven reasons and ways to get there

What first comes to mind when you think of a brand?

Think of Apple, Google, or Coca-Cola. Do you think of the company’s logo, the colors, or the emotions you experience when interacting with that brand? Can you imagine the feel of a sleek MacBook Pro’s engineered aluminum or the…

Benten Woodring

Art Director by day, freelancer by night. Insights on branding, design, productivity, and business. Contributor: The Startup, Better Marketing.

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