How do we connect and interact with customers in this new, fast-paced world of swiping and split-second decisions?

Many apps today use the swipe paradigm in decision making. Take Tinder, for instance, a smartphone app that aims to ignite romantic sparks between people using geolocation technology. Powered by Facebook and now, optionally, Instagram, the app shows you pictures of prospective romantic matches according to location and your preferences. If you swipe right, you’re saying you like that person. A swipe left, however, means you’re not interested. On Tinder and similar apps that use this paradigm, if two people both swipe right on each other’s profile, it’s a match; you can now message each other from within the app.

Today’s marketers are in the same situation as Tinder users in search of connections. Our prospective customers can easily flirt with multiple brands at once. …


Ben Tepfer

Product Marketing @Adobe | Alum of @SyracuseU | Geographer | Lover of Craft Beer, Maps, and Music Festivals

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