Live in Rock Island, but don’t know who represents you at City Council? Use this map to find out.

Originally published March 2015

Rock Island’s municipal elections are due in less than two weeks (April 7), so now’s a good time to find out which ward represents you at City Council meetings.

Only the even-numbered wards — Wards Two, Four, and Six — are up for election on April 7, 2015. The odd-numbered wards will not be up for election until 2017. A resident may vote only in the aldermanic election of the ward in which he or she resides.

The red pins mark the current officeholders of Alderman, while the white pins mark non-incumbent citizens running for Alderman.

In Ward Two, the incumbent David Conroy is not seeking reelection. This City Council seat is being sought by Virgil Mayberry, Dale Muller, and Gregg Spriet.

In Ward Four, the incumbent Stephen Tollenaer is running for reelection unopposed.

In Ward Six, the incumbent Joy Murphy is running for reelection, and is being challenged by Joshua Schipp. (Click here to meet these two candidates.)

Map made with Google Maps, and populated with data from the City of Rock Island