I gotta write about some stuff and stuff. Its quick and about basic layout.

block display can be pretty ugly sprawled across the page. I’ll take my chances using inline and editing it correctly for use.

Auto Margin can come in and save a day pretty easily as long as you don’t have a gigantic element to begin with.

- Max Width is a great way of taking control of a layout and making sure text flows correctly

Box Model — makes life much easier, removes lots of math

Float for Text — Reminds me of Indesign & publication layout. Good way to enhance type

Clear — can help separate items that may initially be floated or relative. Its a bit like a reset.

Clearfix — a magical tool to keep things orderly. Floating can get out of hand

I did not know entire layouts could be made (well) using just float as a position

Percentages are very handy for keeping layouts consistent, especially with responsive design.

Apparently percentage can also override other elements and positional tags

There is some magic with media queries to enable a change of format as dictated by devices

Inline blocks are nice, easy way to clean up code and keep a consistency

Inline blocks also help with layout, as long as you clear up some info such as alignment and size.

WOOOO Text columns for CSS! I’m excited to get to make some funky grids and layouts

Flexbox looks super exciting! I want to use it more, looks like a precision layout tools

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