Learning Styles

First off, this was a very interesting read. As I began I felt strongly associated with the “Fixed Mindset,” in several ways. For example, often I understand what my skill set is and do not push a project beyond what my capabilities are. Another example is that when evaluating a project, if it seems simple, I don’t always give it my full attention or care compared to other projects.

As I kept reading I realized that while these are setbacks, I am much more of a growth learner. When working on projects I ask for feedback and push clients to talk to me more about what they want. I like starting projects with the idea that I can present multiple ideas to present so that I can see what will sink and what will swim.

I understand that I have moments of a fear of failure, but I have a mind that is open to feedback and understanding what I did wrong. I did the Codeacademy for CSS/HTML and Javascript. The Java got to a point of frustration for me, but I took to the forums and youtube for help. This made me feel better before taking the course, knowing there are frustrations and problems that can come at any time while coding and knowing that I can look to get help or not lose faith if I cannot figure out the problem on my own. I’ve really been taking note that coding and graphics are not the same in the sense that when I design I have an open canvas to play, experiment and understand what I’m doing. Code is much more precise, needing a specific set of rules that I am much less familiar with. I realize that I will have to make a shift in my mindset of how to approach code versus design and feel prepared, knowing there will be growing pains to make this transition.

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