Butterflies All Of The Time

“Butterflies All Of The Time” is a love song written, composed and sung by veteran Texas journalist Ben Tinsley for Ben Tinsley Orchestra (Ben-Tee-Oh).
It is one of the first four tracks on Ben-Tee-Oh’s first album, “No Apologies.”
Musical arrangements were by Tinsley’s longtime collaborator, Las Vegas-based musician-engineer Mato.
Tinsley got the idea for the song in Jacksonville, Texas, while interviewing a beautiful young barista for a newspaper story he was writing about Valentine’s Day.
The barista, Dava Cooley Ainsworth, described being in love with her husband Walker as having “Butterflies All Of The Time.”
South Texas composer-engineer Roger Moya helped Tinsley shape and pace his lyrics for this song. Moya composed and engineered an alternate, faster-paced version of “Butterflies” that also will be available on the album.