Today, We Raised $50M to Invest in Our Next Chapter

What’s to come for us, our mission, and our community.

Bentley Hall
May 15, 2018 · 3 min read

The first time I wrote to you on this blog, I outlined how Good Eggs plans to grow with purpose: planting our roots in the community and producers we serve, and expanding our footprint authentically — focused on healthy economics and creating a rock solid business built for the long haul.

Two years later — piece by piece, goal by goal — I can say we’re beginning to see the results of this early promise. The hard work came from our 300+ strong team who poured themselves into building a solid foundation. But we want to be clear today — we know we are here because you have carried us through these last few years.

We want to be clear today — we know we are here because you have carried us through these last few years.

Last year, we invested in people, remained laser-focused, and listened to you, our customers, on ways we can better solve your week. With those insights in our back pocket, we launched meal kits, added alcohol to our assortment, and grew our marketplace to become a one-stop-shop. And throughout all of this, we’ve remained steadfast in our mission to reinvent our food system for good — over 70% of our assortment is local (versus less than 10% at Whole Foods), every item carried meets our rigorous list of sourcing standards, and fair, equitable labor remains the priority for us and our producer partners.

Today marks a huge day for that mission. With the help of value-aligned investors new and old, we’ve raised $50 million to put right back into this community that has given us so much: the community that knows big-box grocery hasn’t caught up with the way we live; that understands a just-picked peach from Masumoto Farm tastes infinitely better than one artificially-ripened and transported halfway across the country; that trusts us with every meal from Thanksgiving to Tuesday night dinner.

Thank you — we couldn’t be here without you.

With this new round of funding under our belt, we’ve made big plans for the next several years.

  • We’ll be opening our second hub in West Oakland and with it, expand our service area in the Bay Area.
  • And, we’ll return to Southern California.
  • The new hubs will bring 1,000+ good jobs with full benefits and equity in the company to California.

All of this means:

  • A larger capacity to serve you: more delivery windows, more on time deliveries, less sold out days.
  • You continue to support a growing network of small farmers and foodmakers. Together, they can serve a much larger community.
  • We’ll be able to invest in the Good Eggs customer community with benefits to reward each one of you who has stuck with us for the long haul, and rely on us week after week.
  • The Good Eggs Kitchen will be able to scale up what’s cooking — more time-saving shortcuts, more meal kits (100+ different options available for same-day delivery), more ways to help you solve dinner and your week.

This may sound over the top, but our industry is changing as dramatically as the industrial revolution, with the speed of the digital revolution. It’s our moment to show how we to do things differently; our chance to shape the food system in a way that’s good for all.

We are far from perfect. But we’re ready to go as far as we can: for you, for our producers, for our employees. We’re just getting started.

Bentley Hall

Written by

CEO of Good Eggs. Early exec @ Plum Organics. Investor in high growth consumer brands. Dad of 2. Found outdoors, eating, or laughing.

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