Disturbing reactions from this season of Game of Thrones

Spoilers for season 6 of Game of Thrones below.

Lots of the stuff in the episodes were disturbing enough, with excellent shooting and acting heightening how bad some of the things came off were. And on top of that the social media reaction to some events were really, like the title says, disturbing.

1. Olly’s death.

Remember that kid who stabbed Jon last season after being the most useless squire that you knew for sure was going to stab him? Remember when Jon hanged him? You know, for causing the murder of himself? This is a child whose father got an arrow in the head while telling him his mom is the best at boiling potatoes. His mother got an axe to the back while kneeling over his dead father. His whole village was massacred. He was promised his parents would be EATEN by a wildling, and sent to Castle Black. But yes, this kid, who hates and fears wildlings for good reasons, was the only one to have a good reason to kill Jon (petty revenge, sure, but he’s a child with a heavy trauma and hate who convinced an officer who really had no stated good reason to kill Jon), and gets executed. Later in the season Melisandre was just exiled for killing Shireen (a year late)… #justice I guess. And what’s worse, people were HAPPY a child had just been executed. #fuckolly was all over Twitter after the death. Seriously. Why? Because he killed Ygritte? Because he was creepy? Because he killed Neo - I mean Jon? And where does that leave the now child murdering Jon? Ugh.

2. Hodor’s Life

The utter devastation at Hodor’s death was cool, people were genuinely sad. And most seemed to ignore that Hodor was a slave to Bran in many instances and died not sacrificing himself nobly, but basically sacrificed by Bran so that he could survive…he had no choice…he was used, abused, (mind)raped and discarded. Bran screwed up his life then killed him. So, the lack of disgust…yeah.

3. Sansa

While I keep on top of GoT series (also through Preston Jacobs’ season 6 watch though I watched this season finale), I stopped watching when Sansa was raped mid way through season 5. I didn’t see the point in that whole storyline, and stopped watching. This year, she has come out of disempowered girl role (for the second time) to become a player in…some game. And she went from an empathy based character to a war monger. The show (and book) is heavy handed in “war is bad” by showing how bad it is. Seeing one of the most emotionally intelligent characters going full revenge and letting her little brother be killed (not even trying to save him when that was supposedly her whole motivation)…and say “she knew he was already dead” all you want, she convinced Jon to go to war to save the brother. Neither of them even tried. And to consolidate my disappointment came my disgust at how she had Ramsey murdered and how all the fans cheered her on. Also the look on her face. “Ramsey is disgusting because he rapes people (so does Bran) and kills people in elaborate ways for pain (so does Arya), he needed to die!”…sure, and in killing him like that Sansa loses all moral high ground, becomes an anti-hero herself. That all aside, how the hell is Jon the King in the North over her? Is the North so sexist that they chose a bastard over a) a true born girl and b) the person who won them the North back?

4. Frey Pie

Much like the previous thing here of “the look on her face” and the fans “joy in the revenge and death plots”. Arya just turned full disgusting, and it seems like she’s going to steamroll ahead on that, pleasing the fans with her kills and becoming full maniac with a fucked up sense of justice.

I’m seeing a trend here. Stark children, with Jon not seeming as much of a revenge seeking child killer by the end of the season, cause people to have a protective feeling towards them. Really though Sansa was supposedly motivated to save Rickon and then doesn’t do anything to follow through and just wants war and revenge, Bran can rape people’s minds, invade without permission and submit them and Arya has the worst moral judgement with people on her death-list for killing her family (makes sense) or for being a douche (not so much) and they should all three seek mental medical attention. They are deeply disturbing. At least to me. “A Song of Ice and Fire” and “A Game of Thrones” are both series focused on the bad aspects of war. These three characters especially have turned from heroes against those evils to proponents of them. Unless they all turn face somehow (drastically), they are likely to be villains soon.

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