Facebook analyzed via the movie The Social Network

Great comedic video about the movie and an allegory

Facebook is a website that by and large shapes our lives right now. It shares that responsibility with some other websites, including twitter, instagram, snapchat, vine, tumblr, periscope, youtube…it all depends on the age group and the individual, and there are certainly more of these. All these platforms focus on creating incentives for interaction and sharing. Nowadays you can be plugged into all your friends’ days and lives, interact with them, with hardly any barriers.

At the same time, the stigmas of less depth in the interaction, jumping to conclusions, and online arguments which are known to devolve into extremes is attached to these. A feeling of superficiality. I’m one of the first to argue that they’re just an excuse, Facebook brings biases and these arguments to light rather than initiating them, it’s the medium for this, the same as we’ve always had. Except that this time it allows you to engage much more frequently.

Connecting with total strangers

Dehumanizing has always come naturally to us all, I mean look how easily news organizations achieve it daily. Yet, the ability to interact with someone you don’t have to look at has a different level of this. Simultaneously the ability to know in depth stories of humanization across this medium appears at every corner (who doesn’t love HONY?).

So my questions to end this rambling are: Is Emotional Intelligence higher than ever, with people going out of their way to know more about cultures from across the world? Or is it lower than ever as the barriers to insult your next door neighbor, as long as he’s behind a screen, is easier than ever? Are we all like Mark in the movie that we’re turning into people who can’t establish real human connections? Or are we looking for more of them than ever? Are those deep enough? Are these relationships that we’re fostering giving us the emotional support we need?