X-Men: Apocalypse reaction

Ok, I’ll start with the general: I liked X-Men Apocalypse. It was far from perfect, but it was good. Not great, not bad. There were two things that bothered me though.

The trailer

Disposable woman

The movie trope that most annoys me is the “I can only be motivated to do something if someone I love dies or is kidnapped, before that, as I’m a man (they’re usually a man) I can’t be emotionally involved or invested in anything, and can only express emotions I feel when they are extreme, like anger from the most extreme loss”. It’s also known as the disposable woman and it’s the most lazy overused piece of junk there is in cinema. It reduces the woman’s role (in a movie that empowers women) to that of a plot device (emotional connection established just so it could be severed (notice the “I’ll never leave you)) and the man is just a revenge feast. Most of his motivations aren’t very grounded because of it, like they aren’t based on beliefs, rather on Anger. Grr. The reason this didn’t ruin the movie for me was, as said, the movie generally empowers women, making them central to most parts of the plot.

HE IS INVINCIBLE!!! — Everything is the end of the world

Overpowering characters (until they’re not) is one repeated aspect that feels mostly unexplained, it’s like “OMG SO POWERFUL, no one is more powerful!” and then not so powerful anymore, and powerful again…it flip flops? Oh and, end of the world!!! Well, this movie IS literally called Apocalypse, so, I mean, I didn’t expect anything else. Like the next Thor movie, it’s about the end of the world. And there’s so much noise…it’s like, the movie feels like it hardly ever has a quiet moment…this is where the Netflix series’ of Marvel win big time, they are small, intimate, street level accounts. And we’re ramping up to more world ending stuff, with Ragnarok and Infinity Wars. And the more we get them, the more anything smaller feels, well, small. I feel the Spider-Man movie will be a break in that. This is where Suicide Squad can get major points. This is where Rogue One can get major points. Like neither of the films will be “small”, but they will be about events, nothing world ending though. And that’s why I keep on saying that I want Iron Man 4: Demon in a Bottle. Yeah, ok, now I’m just complaining. I just want more emotional pull, Civil War did good stuff there (reason why it stood head and shoulder above BvS and Apocalypse in most reviews).

But in the end, I did expect it. I did expect more from this movie, and it wouldn’t have been by making it smaller that that’d have been addressed, it would have been by making it more human. While the stakes were sky high, the emotional stakes weren’t as much. Grief wasn’t properly digested, overpowering characters was a definite issue, great emotional motivations were few…Want to stand out in the Super Hero movies? Great fighting scenes won’t do it anymore, they are expected. If you could make the audience cry? When have we seen that?