Catherine Katz

Your wall analogy is more accurate if Trump’s wall is compared to the Israeli’s wall. Obviously the Berlin wall was to trap people in like a prison or as John Paul II said a “concentration camp.” Trump’s wall is to keep people out, particularly those who are coming here illegally, just as Israel’s wall does.

You used the word xenophobic, now I don’t get when an “immigration” policy results in predominantly one race from overwhelmingly one country is in fact not more xenophobic. If democrats love immigrants so much how come they make it so difficult for Europeans to come as they once did (10 year process now) or more importantly why is it so hard to get married to an American and then immigrate here (over a year at least)? Finally, this is the most serious of points, as it has meant life and death for many, why is asylum being granted to so few Christians as they are the ones being systematically eliminated from the Middle East and Sudan? These questions I have never received a good answer on.

One last disagreement, a lot of true points were made about old ideas being recycled but are the democrats ideas instead of coming the 1980’s come from where the 1960's-70's at the earliest. Some are even from the 19th century. Everything else I am in agreement with, I think, because Trump is a democrat and has many democrat policies.