10 Startups in 24 Hours

“Why not build something you love & execute it well?!”

And I agree, to an extent. What I love and can do (fairly) well is; breaking down the barriers to launch, building MVPs with zero code, ‘hacking’ together tools/services in order to automate and mimic processes of a startup. I love proving that you can be anyone, of any technical capability and still execute any idea you have without spending lots of money, hiring a CTO, learning to code and/or quitting your job.

10 times in 24 hours total build time. Spread over ~5 days. I’ll Tweet my progress in this thread👇

  • Carrd
  • Zapier
  • Airtable
  • Typeform
  • Stripe

I’ve built a page where you can suggest ideas for me to build, stay up to date with my progress and projects, see the countdown & encourage/shout at me 😊.

👉 Check it out here 👈

👉 Check it out here 👈

If you want to sponsor during this little ‘Make-a-thon’, you can apply here. 2hr build rule still applies but doesn’t need to make money. It will cost you and NOT count towards my 10 in 24hrs. Limited availability and will likely only take on something interesting/challenging.

Context & Background

I founded a (currently unreleased) company, Day Dot — Your MVP team on-demand from idea to launch. I’m using Day Dot to launch these 10 startups but I’m doing this solo.

You can sign up early here:

Follow my journey, give me ideas/encouragement and….

MAKE SHIT & share with me 😊 I’d love to see what people build too!

Spread the word 🙏❤️



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