10 Startups in 24 Hours, Lessons Learned

Why did I do it?

  • Carrd — For building the sites & hosting
  • Zapier — To hook up various services (get notifications, auto-populate etc)
  • Typeform — For my forms and data collection
  • Stripe — For payments
  • Airtable — Spreadsheets and databases
  • GoDaddy — Domains

What I launched

1. AI Artwork — A marketplace for Artwork created by Artificial Intelligence

  • Build Time: ~40 Minutes.
  • Zero sales
  • 691 Users (25th Sept — 2nd Oct)
  • Will I pursue it? Likely not.

2. AR Space — Professional Augmented Reality services for personal and commercial use

  • Build Time: ~2hr10 Minutes.
  • 4 Developers signed up to offer services
  • 708 Users (25th Sept — 2nd Oct)
  • Will I pursue it? I’d love to as I think there is a growing need for this kind of platform

3. Make Ship—Directory of proven makers to hire

  • Build Time: ~40 Minutes.
  • 60 Makers signed up (was submitted to Product Hunt)
  • 1,608 Users (25th Sept — 2nd Oct)
  • Will I pursue it? This runs itself. Of course I could aim to take a more hands-on approach to pairing makers and customers, but likely won’t right now.

4. Accelerator Review — Firsthand reviews of startup accelerators + application feedback

  • Build Time: ~50 Minutes.
  • 303 Users (26th Sept — 2nd Oct)
  • Zero signups/zero applications/zero reviews
  • Will I pursue it? Uhm no. I do think there is a need for something like this but I’ve not built it here. Perhaps it needs another look, or someone else should build something.

5. Madness Money — Send BTC, ETH & LTC to make your way up the leaderboard

  • Build Time: ~1hr15 Minutes.
  • 375 Users (26th Sept — 2nd Oct)
  • 4 People sent Crypto
  • Will I pursue it? Doubt it. It was a silly project but in 10+ years it may be the most profitable project I ever do.

6. CryptoReview— Framework and calculator to value cryptoassets

  • Build Time: ~3hr30 Minutes. (oops)
  • 948 Users (27th Sept — 2nd Oct)
  • 25 Basic Valuations & 9 Advanced Valuations added
  • Will I pursue it? I’d like to see where this could go and will continue to maintain it.

7. StartupLegal Guide— The Startup Legal Setup Guide (US focused)

  • Build Time: ~1hr30 Minutes
  • 137 Users (28th Sept — 2nd Oct)
  • Will I pursue it? I am going to put together a UK version when I get some time to compile the content.

8. MakerSchool —The virtual accelerator to help you launch

  • Build Time: ~2hr15 Minutes
  • 149 Users (28th Sept — 2nd Oct)
  • Will I pursue it? This is something I definitely want to offer properly so I’ll try and expand on this idea soon.

9. Global Office Hours — Connect with people all over the World willing to seek/offer advice

  • Build Time: ~35 Minutes
  • 3 signups
  • Will I pursue it? This idea deserves proper attention. Not sure I’m ready to commit just yet.

10. Human Blockchain — Help Blockchain companies grow by performing tasks

  • Build Time: ~1hr45 Minutes
  • 111 Users (29th Sept — 2nd Oct)
  • 4 Signups
  • Will I pursue it? Yes. I think there is something there and I’ll be including it in my developments for a Community Framework in Crypto.

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