Best Photos

(1) This is my favorite shot from one of the best photography experiences I have ever had. On a summer day in 2015, I spent an hour hiking up from the Blue Ridge Parkway to Humpback Rock in the middle of a late afternoon thunderstorm. The skies cleared almost immediately upon reaching the top, and made way for some low clouds and incredible golden-hour light. It was special to have the view to myself from what is regularly a popular attraction on the Parkway. I also combined a few of my favorite stills into a hyperlapse because one shot didn’t do it justice.

(2) This photo is special because it involved equal amounts of patience and luck to produce the final shot I had in mind. I had visited this railroad trestle that spans the James River in Lynchburg, VA several times, and always wished for the perfect shot of a train crossing the bridge. On my third (2-hour round trip) visit to scope it out, a freight train finally came around the bend behind my vantage point and I was able to save the moment. My favorite detail of the photo is the depth of field created by the disappearing trestle framework.

(3) “A Drop In The Sky” is a photo I took several years ago when I was practicing the use of reflections and illusions in my photos. It required carefully throwing a stone into the lake to create a proportionate ripple, and then moving to the camera in time to shoot it. One of my favorite aspects of photography is how the feeling of a shot can change completely by applying basic visual tricks, such as rotating the photo 180º as seen above. I also associate this particular shot with the relaxation and quietness that you experience when near a smooth lake.

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