Again Great America Make

Again refers to nostalgia for a time
that never existed.
A time when loving husbands
beat and raped their wives,
a time when strange fruit
decorated trees,
when the colored drank
gratefully from fountains,
queers and immigrants would
smile deference to insecure men
for whom purging fear
via derision or murder was just.
Again was a time of godfearing bullies
ruling the land with a firm
but righteous hand.
Again was a time apart,
bloodshed and oppression,
lynching and violence certainly all
occurred but they were never okay.

Again still occurs.
Again will continue, until we destroy it.

Great is a superlative of distinction,
a worm twisting in the head of a
happy drone,
a soldier convinced to kill
for another's gain,
and die for his family's
continued peril.
Great is an adventure in
a death squad who's only
good deeds
were done to clear the field of competition
so the largest portion of pillage
could go in amerika's pile.
Great is mushroom bouquet
leveling cities, turning sand to glass
neutron-poisoning generations
of test subjects, foreign and domestic.

Great is the bloodiest lie,
which we must pound truths into.

America holds the world hostage
with stockpiles and drone fleets
omniscient and excessive, a boot for
every neck on anyone who
dares dream different.
America is when the swindle stops working
so the swindler picks up a gun
and simply takes what he wants.
America kicks the brains out of babies,
blows up brides, and bathes in the blood
of the greatest genocides in human history.
America makes the world
safe for democracy
and by democracy, we mean
compulsory exploitation

we mean
chains on wrists and nooses round necks.

Make me stop. Make a purge
of any who dissent.
Make the world into your
playboy's game.
Make the right to work and
an empire of frats.
Make a mess of things.
Make a wall, a smoking crater. 
Make a funny joke. Make a promise. 
Make the Reich.
Make us sick. Make us kneel. Make us beg.
Make a great
cleansing fire to expel every
degenerate feeling and birth your 
bloody Utopia of sludge to drown us.
Make a move motherfucker.
Make us stop you.

Make this end.