Can’t We?

Who’s gonna fuck up the totalitarian aspirations of neoliberal white supremacist bureaucratic utopianism with our beautiful visions of ungovernable doing being totally out of control?

Who’s gonna stop observing our acts and getting lost in the considerations of their imagined form instead of being impelled by their force?

Who’s gonna start a fire in our guts and cook it up so damn hot that ain’t no fucking fascist motherfucker can touch us without getting goddamn burned so bad they pull their fingers off our throats and say “Oooohh fuck! That’s hot, my life is an empty shell of moronic banality that is eclipsed by the sun of your mere presence, I submit, I relent, I give up, please please please don’t hurt me no more!”?

Are we gonna? Are we? Can’t we, pleeeeeeeeaaasse?

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