Hint Fictions

Very short stories consisting of twenty five words or less. Hint fiction is a trendy new literary genre, for the lazy TL/DR reader. Enjoy!

Supermax Visit

Guards searched Bomani’s mouth, hair, testicles and asshole, then removed handcuffs through a steel trapdoor. Bulletproof glass between us, he says: “You’re in a prison, too.”

Prison Wardens

One gave me his home number, and while I’ve dreamed and argued for the bloody end of them all, I never even prank called him.

Democractic Freedoms

Hitler, Stalin, King George, Ivan and Caligula, the most terrible autocrats and despots in history never watched as close as America is watching you, now.

Last Summer Cesar DeLeon Endured a 250 Day Hunger Strike in a Wisconsin Prison

When a condemned body survived a medieval scaffold’s torment — hot pincers, barbed lash, oil and fire — they were pardoned, deemed favored by God. No longer.

No Platform

No Dodge Charger, no switchblade, no Tiki Torch, no Chatroom, no YouTube. No rally, no permit. No tongue worm in any fascist’s mouth.


A mother crashed and died. Her baby’s white teacher responds “I wish I’d called police on her last month. She smelled like drugs.”

What is Learned?

Security guards interrupted a fourth grade class today to search kids for cell-phones. The teacher and his aide objected. The cops persisted and found none.

Those Who Tidied Up Hamburg

After the streetfighting; gas attacks, kettles, beatings and snatch squads, when police have arrested all summit opposition, middle-class citizens come out with paint and brooms.

Hardwood Floors are Slippery

I didn’t shoplift from Whole Foods tonight. Actually bought catfish fillets, organic apples, guac-kale-mole. Pleasant register conversation about my new yoga mat. Very shameful experience.

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