Finding my (self) #1

I’m listening to the War on Art audio book currently and the part where the author points out the difference between the ego and the self really stood out this morning.

In two weeks it will mark my one year of not drinking alcohol so hearing about the self made me think.

Steven Pressfield explains that the ego is the part of us that we try to remove by using mind altering substances so that we can get to our (self), the part that knows our wants and needs intimately. It is in fact our true wants and needs.

As such, ever since I stopped drinking alcohol cold turkey one year ago, everyone (myself included) wondered how I was able to do it. Up to now my answer has been that I just lost the taste and even though that may be true, I believe there is more.

I’m starting to realize that my (self) finally pressed through to me. After laying on the bathroom floor for a few hours he made acquaintance with me.

In that moment I decided to value his friendship more than those of everyone else. After all I spend every living second with him while everyone else retreats to their homes.

Being obedient to my (self) gave me that revelation that I’m not selfish when I go out and not drink, because its not an action out of what I want but out of who I am.

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