Perspective Experiment #1

Try this today. As you walk towards something ahead of you for example the end of the block or your car in the parking lot, play this little game.

Tell yourself that the point at which you are right now is where you are “time wise” in your life. The point that you’re walking towards is “time wise”, the end of your life.

Now, as you walk towards this end point, how do you feel? Are you able to look around? Are you easily distracted? Are you thinking about your phone and facebook, instagram or amazon orders?

What is the main thing on your mind? For me it was the end of the block. That’s all I could think about. As if I was heading towards a wall and if I look away I will crash into it.

It’s important though that you walk briskly. You don’t get to slow down or stand still at all, because time and your life does neither.

Now, quickly transpose this exercise back onto your life. Does this inspire you to live differently? To place less value on winning arguments, getting points across, chasing from one task to another?

Shake of anything that hinders you from realizing you are alive right now. One time. We won’t come around here again.

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